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If you are responsible for the security and fire safety needs of a business, you will understand the importance of ensuring it is properly protected by security alarm systems and safety equipment.

Here at Allcooper, we specialise in helping provide the right level of protection for your organisation, regardless of size, so that its ongoing protection, compliance and continuity is assured.

From burglar alarm systems and fire protection services, to the latest high definition CCTV solutions, we'll give you confidence in your systems and strategy, backed-up by the high level of responsive service your business relies upon.

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alarm systems for business

Security and fire safety for businesses across Worcestershire

Taking care of your business

We help protect businesses of all shapes and sizes - offices, shops, schools, warehouses, industrial units and many more. Whether you need help bringing your security up-to-date, or you are looking for a brand new system, we have the experience and expertise to provide a solution to suit best your needs. 

Our Systems

What we do...

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Intruder Alarm System
A commercial alarm system (intruder alarm / burglar alarm system) is one of the building blocks of your business's security strategy. This clever intrusion detection system is designed to protect your premises from those who would attempt to gain entry, usually with a view to theft or vandalism.

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Fire Protection Services
Implementing fire safety systems and practices is a legal requirement for all businesses under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire Alarm Systems, Extinguishers and Risk Assessments save lives, and must be in place for compliance and to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors, property and assets.

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Security surveillance cameras are now one of the most recognised forms of security in the world, allowing you to deter criminals, capture evidence and watch over your business. The latest systems are more innovative and affordable than ever before, using IP technology to deliver stunning HD image quality, remote access and better overall management.

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Access Control
Systems that control how people access your building and the specific areas within it that require security. This technology helps you control who has access to specific doors, gates and barriers, so that only people with the right level of authorisation are permitted. Systems range from access cards and proximity readers to intelligent biometric equipment.   

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Our installation team specialise in security systems and burglar alarm installation, fitting the latest equipment to the highest standards. Working within a variety of environments, our engineers are experienced, professional, considerate and fully-aware of the latest health and safety requirements.


Allcooper installations are always supported by a Service Contract. This contract provides you with a set of benefits to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your systems - including regular system maintenance. If you have a wireless alarm system, this will include identifying when batteries need to be replaced.

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Monitoring Services

If your business was forced to close for a day, how much would it actually cost you? Many businesses never recover. Monitoring services for your security and fire systems ensure you will know about a risk to your business at the very earliest opportunity. For example, this could be a potential theft in progress or even signs of a fire. Instant notification through our monitoring service ensures any risk can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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System Takeovers

Do you already have systems in place, but are looking to switch from your current maintenance provider? Allcooper are able to carry out full system takeovers, where the maintenance of your systems is transferred to us. We'll take responsibility for supporting your security going forward and able to advise on ways to enhance your protection for the long-term.

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Security Consultancy Services

Allcooper offer a range of security consultancy services. These include security system design, risk assessments and even advice on improving your internal security policy and strategy.

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