Why consider window security bars?

Window security bars provide an additional physical barrier inside window openings to prevent intruders from gaining access to a property. They are usually made of strong metal such as steel and can be either permanently fixed or removable from the inside only with special locks.

As well as providing an additional physical security barrier, burglar bars for windows are a notable deterrent to criminals. With window bars being so robust, most opportunist thieves will not have the time, equipment or patience to attempt a break-in to a window with window bars attached. Detaching a window bar is also a loud and lengthy task, making it extremely difficult for a criminal to carry out a crime without the alarm being raised by the occupant or a passer-by.

More options are available, including ballistic glass

Alternatives to security window bars

Bars on windows may not be the most aesthetically pleasing security solution, but often, metal bars for windows are available in many customisable finishes, designed to complement the décor within a home or commercial property.

An alternative to window safety bars is ballistic-rated security glass. For clients with the highest levels of risk, these solutions are rigorously tested to meet the highest national standards. Ballistic glass and glazing is designed to withstand heavy-duty physical attack, gunshots and even blasts.

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