What are Panic Rooms?

A panic room (also known as a safe room or security room) is a specially designed evacuation area built into the fabric of a home. A safe room offers the family a safe and secure place to go in the event of home intrusion or personal attack.

The safe room / security room is usually located at a central location within the home, with access designed to be unnoticeable to anyone who is not a resident. In an ideal world, hidden panic rooms are of course not intended to be used. However, in the event of a serious threat to the family, they provide an ultra-secure place of refuge where the family can feel safe.

Bespoke design & installation

Panic room design

We work closely alongside panic room manufacturers to create a security room design that is entirely bespoke to suit the specific needs of the client. A hidden panic room is designed to be impenetrable to intruders. Therefore, panic room builders use the strongest materials to fortify the room from anyone who may attempt to force entry.

There are many other considerations that are made for the room, especially as it is not known how long the room may be required for, in an emergency situation. It needs to be liveable - within the design, provisions can be made for a clean air supply, food, furniture and necessities such as a toilet and sink. Communication to the outside world is essential (so help can be requested from the emergency services). This will be built into the room, in addition to CCTV monitors, so the family can monitor activity within the home.

Panic room installation

Allcooper Garrisons have experience of implementing safe rooms as part of our clients’ overall security strategy.

In conjunction with Gerard Cooper Security Consultants, full consultation is made with the client and their advisors to ensure the installation is tailored to their family needs, aesthetically pleasing, and does not compromise the interior design of the home.


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