Robust solutions to prevent physical security threats

Whilst technology provides highly-effective protection for our clients, we understand the need for a collaborative approach where physical solutions add strength to the overall security and safety strategy.

At Allcooper Garrisons, we can oversee the implementation of products to provide multiple layers of physical defence against external threats.

Physical security solutions

Door security

Ensuring points of access are protected, both physically and electronically, is crucial. Although it may seem obvious, doors are often the first place an intruder will attempt to gain access to a property.

Alongside our expert physical security partners, we specify reinforced security doors that are extremely strong, yet still aesthetic, with their strength hidden underneath beautiful finishes.

Window protection

We can advise and recommend a variety of resilient window guards, including security bars and security grilles for windows. In addition to metal grilles and burglar bars, we can provide internal security shutters and ballistic glazing - reinforced glazing is a less obvious but equally strong measure to defend against forced entry and even firearms.


Also known as strong rooms, panic rooms are specially designed areas, built within the home to protect the occupants from direct physical threat in the event of a life-threating or emergency situation. These rooms are built with total consideration for the occupiers’ wellbeing, with essential technology and provisions built-in.


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