Keeping the garden tidy to nip burglars in the bud
09 May 2017

Keeping the garden tidy to nip burglars in the bud

Spending time in the garden is a great way to relax and enjoy the better weather that comes along with the spring and summer months.

Whether you prefer getting green fingers in a flowerbed or soaking up the rays on a sunbed, more time spent outdoors means there are more things to get out and put away - from BBQs to bikes; paddling pools to garden tools.

Leaving items around the garden that would usually be stored away means they can be targeted by thieves. What's more, when you're feeling relaxed and enjoying the sunshine, it can be much easier to forget about your home security.

We think it's really important to remind ourselves of what we can do to minimise any risk to our property and possessions. So, we've put together a list of some of our top spring security tips for you to share with your friends and family.

Spring security tips from Allcooper...

Garden tools

Spades, forks, brushes, rakes - all of these garden tools could be potentially used by a burglar to gain access to your home, especially if they're left lying around. If you do use a piece of equipment, always remember to put it back and lock it away securely in your shed or garage. 

Lawnmowers and power tools

It's always amazing how quick the lawn grows, so keeping it freshly cut is a tough job! The same can be said for bushes and trees which need to be regularly maintained. If you have a lawnmower or selection of power tools, you'll also know they can be expensive. Be sure to keep these under lock and key as opportunist thieves will be looking for any sign of valuable items they can steal and sell on for cash.


Who doesn't love a bike ride in the sunshine? Well, if you have a bicycle, never leave it unsecured or in plain sight of passers by. The ideal place to store a bike is a locked garage or shed which is alarmed or linked to an alarm system in the main house.

Windows and doors

As temperatures rise, it's always tempting to open up a few windows to let some air through the house. You may even leave the back door open when coming in and out of the garden. Again, burglars are opportunists - so if you do leave windows or doors open, just remember to close them (and secure them if you have locks) before you leave the house. Don't give a thief an open invitation to enter your home.

Sheds and garages

We've mentioned that these are the best places to store your valuable items. With that being said, a shed or garage is only as secure as you make it. We recommend investing in an alarm system with detection devices that will let you know if these areas are targeted. Garage alarms and shed alarms can be standalone or often linked back to your main house system as additional 'zones'. This will depend on the distance between the main control panel and your shed or garage.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great places to share memories online with your friends and relatives. When enjoying time outdoors, try not to advertise anything in a photograph that could be of value to a burglar. These could be expensive tools, bicycles, leisure equipment or even clear access points to your home. With so much information being shared every day, criminals are increasingly using online platforms to identify targets. Read more about the risks of social media and holidays in the next section below.


Spring and summer are big holiday seasons and it's likely you might be planning on some time away from home. If so, do all you can to leave your home looking occupied whilst you're away. Use timers for your lights or a radio and ask your neighbours to help keep an eye on your property for you - from opening/closing curtains to collecting regular deliveries. Advertising your holiday on social media is a risk. Posting pictures or 'checking in' to other locations makes it apparent your home is unoccupied. If you want to share holiday pictures with your friends and family online, we recommend waiting until you are back home to do so.

For further advice...

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