High Definition CCTV Systems
01 May 2017

High Definition CCTV Systems

Security technology has been evolving at a rapid rate over recent years and no system demonstrates this better than CCTV.

Gone are the days of the grainy, hard to decipher CCTV images you'd usually see on Crimewatch. Instead, the latest surveillance systems now offer incredible High Definition image quality, day and night, for enhanced security and visual verification.

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The development and availability of better CCTV is mostly down to the introduction of IP (internet protocol) systems. These use network connections to compress, transfer and store data at much faster speeds than traditional 'analogue' systems.

Being able to utilise data in this way allows for more pixels, improved camera features and much clearer images as a result. You only have to compare the same image on each type of system to see the remarkable difference.

Analogue CCTV Image Example

Have an existing analogue system? We can even integrate your existing cameras and cable infrastructure into a HD upgrade, making it a sensible and affordable option for any kind of business.

Upgraded CCTV image using customer's existing cabling

Improved image quality isn't the only thing IP systems have brought to the market, though.

Remote access is another significant benefit of an IP system. You are now able to view and manage your cameras on the go, from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a connection to the internet via WiFi or mobile data, you can use an internet browser or specific Apps on your smartphone or tablet. Ideal for checking on your site out-of-hours and keeping tabs on anything suspicious. Again, monitoring services can be used to take on this responsibility for you.

As attractive as this all sounds, you're probably thinking about the cost of upgrading or installing this kind of technology. Well, we're pleased to say that the costs involved are less than you may think. Due to their technology and increased demand, HD CCTV systems are now more cost-effective than ever.

We recently produced a brochure explaining the full benefits of HD CCTV. Click here to take a look.

Let us know if you'd like more advice on how to get up and running with HD.

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