Getting the best out of your monitored alarm system
06 March 2017

Getting the best out of your monitored alarm system

Monitored alarms are super secure and ready to alert you to the first sign of any threat to your business.

Being able to rely on this service 24-hours a day offers great reassurance, but could you use monitoring to protect your people and property better?

By investing in a monitored system, you already understand the advantages it offers. You want to know about a potential problem immediately so it can be tackled quickly and appropriately.

In the case of a break-in or fire, you and your keyholders will be notified of the alarm activation, and if you have opted for Police/Brigade response, the emergency services will also step in.

Aside from your security and fire alarms though, there are other ways monitoring can work for you. Here are some examples, but if you need to monitor anything critical in your business, we're pretty sure we can help!

Server Rooms
Did you know that you can monitor business-critical areas such as server rooms? This service allows you to be notified of any sudden changes in temperature or loss of power which could mean overheating and potential damage to your IT systems. Knowing about these issues at the first sign could save you great expense and disruption to your day to day operation.

Water Leaks
Your water pipes can be monitored for any signs of a leak or change in water flow. Burst pipes, a faulty boiler or malicious damage could all be to blame. A potential leak can be detected and prevented using automatic valves and moisture sensors. These are very useful tools, especially as insurance claims against water leaks and internal floods are amongst the most common.

Cold Storage
Through the use of simple monitoring systems, you can even keep an eye on your cold storage such as fridges and freezers. This is great for monitoring temperatures, preventing wastage and meeting your Health & Safety obligations.

In essence, the purpose of monitoring is to let you know about a small problem before it becomes a big problem. It can significantly reduce all manner of risks to your business and drastically limit the potential damage and loss of trade that could be caused by something out of your control.

If you are interested in implementing any of the above, we can help you find the right solution to really sweat this asset.

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