Business Security Advice - What are the types of security?
09 September 2019

Business Security Advice - What are the types of security?

The requirement for protection across all walks of life has led to the classification of several types of security.

In part one of this series of articles about business security, we looked at what ‘security’ actually means, and why we need it in the modern world.

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In this article, we'll explain the main types of security and how each one has a different role in keeping people, property and assets protected.

There are four main classifications of security

Physical Security

Physical Security describes the implementation of physical protection measures to combat external threats. These threats include theft, robbery, vandalism and violent attack. The most common method involves installing electronic security systems such as Burglar Alarms, CCTV Cameras, Access Control and Locking Mechanisms. Physical Security also applies to the use of obstructive barriers to prevent entry to a property. This includes external walls, fencing, gates and barriers to name a few.

Private Security

Private Security is summarised by the use of security guards, mobile patrols and on-site human presence to provide increased protection for an individual or commercial business. High-risk individuals such as royalty, political figures and celebrities are also likely to employ bodyguards or a private security service for their own personal safety.

National Security

National Security is regarded as a government responsibility. It describes the overall approach to ensuring public and economic safety, bringing together the power of a nation's military forces, political stature and intelligence services to provide defence against the threats of war, terrorism and criminal activity.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the protection of computers, networks, data and electronic devices from the threat of malicious, digital-based attacks. These types of attacks are carried out by criminals who use 'hacking' techniques to access confidential online information that could be used for the purposes of theft or corruption. Cyber Security is itself a product of the global technological revolution, which has led to the rise of the internet and advances in computer-based systems. Cyber Security measures involve the implementation of software, processes and human practices to prevent cybercriminals from accessing sensitive information.

This is part two of three articles focused on business security. Look out for part three coming soon!


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