Do I need a Burglar Alarm?
17 May 2019

Do I need a Burglar Alarm?

If you’re lucky enough never to have been burgled, buying a Burglar Alarm system for your home might not feel like a priority, especially when there is so much else to pay for and organise in life.

But with over 500,000 incidents of domestic burglary still recorded in England and Wales every year [1], is it worth taking the risk?

In this article, we take a look at the reasons why people might think they don’t need a Home Alarm system, and see how they hold up in reality.

“I live in a ‘safe’ area, it won’t happen to me”

Unfortunately, Allcooper visits many families that have suffered a break-in and one of the most common emotions people suffer is shock. For most households, once we shut and lock our front doors, there’s a feeling that it is enough to keep someone out, and that we are unlikely to fall victim to this horrible crime, particularly if we haven’t recently heard about any burglaries in the area we live in.

Last year, 2 out of every 100 houses were burgled [2], which means you wouldn’t have to travel far to find someone who has been affected. Anecdotal evidence from the Police also suggests that some intruders are increasingly travelling greater distances or ‘off-patch’ to commit their crimes, using online maps to carefully plan their exit routes. And although statistics and historic patterns are useful indicators, spontaneous burglaries can buck these trends.

"I don't have anything worth stealing"

Our Home Security Surveyor, Adam, says this is something he hears at almost every appointment. However, the list of items most frequently taken in burglaries is full of belongings most people have - including wallets, jewellery and electronics - and even clothes, food and toys. What is taken will be influenced by a thief’s personal situation and the circumstances surrounding the incident, such as how much time they had at the property etc.


“I have a dog which is enough of a deterrent”

There is no doubt that a barking dog is off-putting to would-be burglars. However, pets are often isolated to certain rooms and can be avoided if no-one else is at home. There are also still times when our homes are completely unoccupied because we have taken the whole family, including our pampered pooches, on holiday. You may even simply be going out for ‘walkies’.

"I have a nosy neighbour"

The value of observant neighbours shouldn’t be underestimated, and if there is a formal Neighbourhood Watch Scheme running in your area, even better. You can find more information about your local scheme at

What about the times when people are most frequently away from home, such as during work or school hours, and in the spring and summer when we are out enjoying the better weather? Seasoned burglars will know when the best times of day are to give them the greatest chance of being undetected and undisturbed.


"I won't be targeted because my neighbours have alarms"

The psychology around burglary decision-making is multi-faceted. What is apparent from the insights available online from reformed thieves is that intruders look for any signs of weakness. So, if your house is the only one on the street without a visible alarm ‘Bell-Box’ on the front, it could end up sticking out for all the wrong reasons.

"I can't afford the cost"

Advances in technology have brought the cost of domestic Intruder Alarm systems down and the average home can be protected for hundreds of pounds, not thousands. It is worth paying extra for a professionally installed and maintained alarm system by a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approved company. NSI accreditation will ensure that the company you choose to put in your alarm is qualified to do so and will meet stringent industry standards, meaning you won’t waste your money on an unreliable system.

"I don't think anyone pays attention to alarms sounding anymore"

A system that simply sounds an alarm is now just one of the many types that are available. Most modern detection devices have the ability to send notifications that the alarm has been activated, either via text, an App or to a central monitoring station where a member of staff will call you, persons nominated by you (keyholders) and if relevant, the Police.

It should also be remembered that a siren on the outside of your property is an excellent visual deterrent to begin with, and if a burglar does have the nerve to attempt a break-in, regardless, the siren will still create a sense of urgency for them to get out when it goes off.

So, is it worth getting a Burglar Alarm for my home?

We have shown that there are good counter-reasons to many of the common grounds for not investing in an electronic alarm system. Add to that the compelling case for taking proactive action to significantly reduce the risk of ever having to go through the awful experience of being burgled, and the answer is clear.

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