Team Allcooper to take on 40-mile midnight trek for charity
08 February 2019

Team Allcooper to take on 40-mile midnight trek for charity

This year, we are delighted to be taking part in Trek the Night in aid of Action Medical Research.

On 1st June 2019, two brave Allcooper teams of four will set off on a huge 40-mile trek - just as midnight strikes in Gloucestershire!

What is Trek the Night?

Trek the Night is a challenge like no other. With head torches blazing and maps in hand, this gruelling experience will see teams from across Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds navigate their way through the dark of night, along the famous Cotswold Way. Walking through to sunrise, teams will push on to the next day when they will attempt to cross the finish line in the quickest time possible. This is an adventure that will never be forgotten - all played out against the beautiful backdrop of the Cotswold Hills and Severn Vale.

The event has been created to raise vital funds for the charity, Action Medical Research. As well as completing the physically exhausting trek, all teams are challenged with raising £1,500 through sponsorship and fundraising.


Image credit: "Cotswold Way" by James Court, used under CC BY / Brightened from original

What is Action Medical Research?

Action Medical Research is a children's charity, dedicated to improving the health of babies and children. Hundreds of thousands of children’s lives are devastated by disease and disability - like Iona, who at five was diagnosed with brain cancer; Tom, who has the fatal muscle-wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy; or Alfie, who has severe cerebral palsy and can’t use his arms or legs and is unable to talk.

Medical research can help children like these but is underfunded in the UK. For every project funded by Action Medical Research, there is another one they have to turn away - simply because of a lack of funds. New treatments and cures for sick babies and children are urgently needed.


Image credit: Action Medical Research

Our Teams

Allcooper will be represented in this year's event by two very brave sets of employees.

In our first team, we have a group of four Allcooper Service Engineers. They are Andrew, Paul, Matt and Michael!

In our second team, we have a group of four ladies from our head office - They are Sally, Sam, Jess and Chelsea.

There is a lot of pressure on both teams to raise £1,500 each, and even more pressure as it will be a competition between the ladies and the gentlemen to see who can raise the most!

How you can help

Both Team 1 and Team 2 will be hosting a number of different events over the coming months, to help them reach their targets of £1,500 before the deadline of 1st June.

Our teams have set up two JustGiving pages to collect much-needed donations towards this amazing cause, and anything you can donate to support their efforts will be hugely appreciated.

To donate to our group of Allcooper Engineers, please click the link below:


To donate to our group of Allcooper Admin Ladies, please click the link below:


Thank you for your support!

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