My Week at Allcooper
19 October 2018

My Week at Allcooper

Allcooper was pleased to welcome aspiring digital marketing student, Savannah Fitch into our Marketing Team this week.

Savannah, aged 15, is a student at the recently opened SGS Berkeley Green UTC; where she is studying Computer Science, Triple Science and Digital Design.

For her final task of the week, we asked Savannah to write about her experience and what she has learned during her time at Allcooper.

Read her report below!

My week with the Allcooper Marketing Team

Over my week at Allcooper, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive, especially where I was based within the Marketing Team. Marketing Executive, Tony and Marketing Assistant, Emilia did an amazing job of keeping me busy and making me feel like I really was one of their team, giving me freedom and responsibilities that I didn’t think I’d get! I’d also like to mention IT Apprentice, Toby, as he always spoke to me on my lunch breaks when I looked a little awkward…

When I first arrived I was given an Introduction to Allcooper, what they do, and how the company came about. Throughout the day I was given tasks that weren’t too labouring, such as updating spreadsheets, filling some packs, and completing a review of their website – picking up on things such as consistency and the organisation of the site.


On Tuesday, Tony and I spent the morning looking at their different social media feeds and how each is tailored to suit the audience. Based on what they wrote last year, I spent the morning writing an article on staying safe and keeping your property protected around the time of Halloween. After looking at their LinkedIn profiles, I was then encouraged to create a LinkedIn profile for myself to build on my relationships with professionals.

On Wednesday morning, I was invited into an supplier meeting with Controlsoft and Idemia; around their developments on biometric systems and how reliable they are. To build on the notes that I had, I did some more research around the workings of biometrics and the enrolment process to clear my understanding; to then consolidate everything I’d found out, I wrote a page of A4.

On Thursday, alongside Tony, I sat in the monthly meeting about the website with their partner web supplier – MA Design. We then spent the morning taking some pictures of me for their social media pages – however embarrassing they may be!

Then for a little while after lunch, I organised the marketing cupboard, re-labelling boxes and stocking up what was low. I was then set a challenge to write a poem on the importance of security, which I succeeded – and has the intention of being shared on Social Media at some point. And on my final day, to finish the week, I completed my work experience book, wrote this article, and got it published on social media. 

I feel that over the week I have created some special relationships with people, and I will really miss not being here, as it hasn’t just been about work experience for me – it’s been about meeting new people and seeing a side of yourself you didn’t know you had – which the marketing team of Allcooper helped me to see…

I learnt about how the team works, and how the maintenance of the website isn’t easy – which I already had a brief idea of – I learnt about the importance of SEO keywords when it comes to Google searches… But most importantly – I learnt how the different teams of the company have to work together for everything to run smoothly.


There was no point in time where I didn’t enjoy being at Allcooper, as I had a chance to work on my writing skills, and my communication skills – which I believe I can improve on.

I don’t think my career plans have changed – in fact, I think this experience have influenced me into this field even more than I was before. The next steps for my ideal job role, after GCSEs would be to get into sixth form and work on my writing skills further, my digital and computing skills, and perhaps even a science.

I have had an amazing week at Allcooper, and I don’t think I can thank them enough for hosting me… it really has been an eventful week and leaving them will be difficult…

THANK YOU! (especially Tony, Emilia and Toby…smiley)


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