How to enjoy a safe Bonfire Night
31 October 2018

How to enjoy a safe Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is just around the corner and the sky will be glowing with fireworks, bonfires and lights to celebrate.

Written by Savannah Fitch as part of work experience with the Allcooper Marketing Team.

Where does the tradition come from?

Bonfire night, more commonly known as Fireworks Night, is an annual celebration that marks the prevention of the well-known 'Gunpowder Plot' that was uncovered in the November of 1605. The Gunpowder Plot was an assassination - well, an attempt - on King James I of England and VI of Scotland. The main plan was to blow up the House of Lords in London during the State Opening of Parliament, whilst the King took residence there. Robert Catesby led a group of English Catholics who devised the plan, but it didn’t all go as smoothly as expected - in fact, there were a few crashes and bangs along the way.

Who was Guy Fawkes?


Guy (Guido) Fawkes is the most recognised member of the group that compiled the assassination attempt. After news of the plot had leaked to the Government forces, Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed, loading the cellar of The House of Lords with barrels of Gunpowder and explosives - disguising them as wine. Many of the other plotters had fled the area in an attempt to escape conviction of the crime; they made a stand against the pursuing Sheriff of Worcestershire in a messy shoot-out in Staffordshire. Some of those that attempted to flee didn’t make very far; the 8 plotters that survived the shoot-out were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

When does it happen?

The official date for Bonfire Night is on 5th November each year, however celebrations will happen over the surrounding days. Most commercial events will happen on the closest weekend, with a hope to amplify their audience.

Celebrate and have fun - but how?

Lighting fireworks and bonfires symbolise the failed explosions and subsequent capture of Guy Fawkes - some bonfires will even burn an effigy of the man himself. Another modern tradition is the lighting of sparklers and to enjoy food and drink with friends and family. Bonfires and fireworks will typically be part of an organised local event - though it is common for people to release fireworks in their own garden.


Staying hazard free

Whether you’re planning to go out the weekend before, the weekend after, or on the actual night, protecting your home is just as important as having a good time.

Here are some things you can do to keep your home problem free this year:

enlightened Lock your doors and windows - whether staying home or going out, this is always important!

enlightened If building a bonfire - make sure it’s located in a safe place and away from any possible hazards.

enlightened Always pour water on the bonfire at the end of your party.

enlightened Do not light sparklers inside your home - and supervise children at all times.

enlightened When finished with sparklers, put them in a bucket of water to prevent any possible fires.

enlightened If you choose to have your own firework display - do so safely; follow the instructions carefully and only buy them from reputable retailers.

Protecting your Home


To guard your home against a break-in, a good burglar alarm system is a must. Combined with a simplistic level of external security lighting, this will ensure you have an effective deterrent against burglars. For fire safety, most homes already have smoke alarms fitted, but it's always worth double-checking - make sure that you check your smoke alarms regularly and replace their batteries. Do not remove them as this can leave yourself and your family at risk.

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