Staying safe this Halloween
16 October 2018

Staying safe this Halloween

It’s that time of year again. On the 31st October, we’ll fear for the celebration of all things spooky - but one thing you shouldn’t fear - is the security of your home.

Written by Savannah Fitch as part of work experience with the Allcooper Marketing Team.

It’s Halloween!

Halloween can be exciting, and modern families will often be preparing for the celebration of all things frightening; fancy-dress parties and, of course, the well-known tradition of trick or treating. Though some homeowners will embrace this time of year with joy - Halloween isn’t for everyone, especially the elderly.


Although dressing up has become a big part of Halloween and is now an expected aspect of the celebration; the use of masks can be unnerving for some, you don’t always see a werewolf strolling down the road with a bucket of sweets.

Kids’ vs Teenagers

The majority of Trick or Treaters will likely be children, accompanied by an adult - although older children and teenagers will often be left unsupervised. The busiest time of trick or treaters will be between 6 and 8 pm; though much younger children and toddlers could be expected as early as 17.30pm, and older children as late as 10.00pm. Though older children will only be out for a laugh and a joke, others may have different intentions and it’ll be good to keep an eye on them.

October is National Home Security Month

With October being National Home Security Month, there is already much talk about keeping your home safe. However, with the pressures of day-to-day life, home security can often be overlooked. The aim is that the importance of home security can be emphasised throughout the month; so that you can have peace of mind that your family, home and belongings are protected.

Tips for security

Whether you’re heading out or staying in, keeping your property secure is important; and here are a few things you can do.

Staying in?

Shut the door!

This goes without saying, locking your door overnight should be a habit. Though it may be annoying to unlock the door to every ghoul you’ll greet with a bowl of sweet treats; it can prevent a potential thief, who may even be disguised as a trick or treater.

Who’s there?


No, this isn’t a knock-knock joke - however fun Halloween may be. It is advised that before answering the door - if you can discreetly check who’s there, through a spy hole or upstairs window, then you should. This way you can find out if it’s a trick or treater, an invited or unwanted visitor.

Light it up!


If you have a outdoor lights, make sure they are working and switched on. This way, you can make sure that any visitors on your property can have a moment of fame under the spotlight. As well as preventing your visitors from falling over, it can also ensure you feel safer opening the door and being able to see what’s there.

Not playing the game?

Propping a pumpkin up can be a sign that you’re welcoming trick or treaters; though if the celebration of Halloween gives you the literal creeps - and not the metaphorical ones - you’d best steer clear of the Jack-O’-Lanterns.

Going out?

Don’t be alarmed!

If trick or treating is your own intention, or maybe a party - you shouldn’t have to be alarmed about the safety of your own home. If you have an alarm system - make sure it is fully set. Though if you don’t, now may be a good time to consider one; systems can be wired or wireless - depending on your preference - and can be great value for money. Click here for more information on our Home Alarm Systems.

Lock everything - no, literally - everything!


Just to be sure, check that all your windows and doors are locked before you go out; this may seem obvious to some, though others may not be this way inclined. But even one window left on the trickle vent can be all that’s needed for a forced entry.

Hello, anybody home?

Darkness may be all that’s needed to tell a potential intruder that you’re not there, making your home a prime target for a break-in. It’s advised to leave a few lights on to make your house look occupied, but while trick or treaters may call by - they should move on quickly with no response, it will ensure that those with the wrong intentions are deterred.

Twitter! Facebook! Instagram! It all adds up…


It doesn’t take much for a potential thief to know your plans; all it takes is a quick glance over social media. We all have a digital ‘tattoo’, a pathway of everything we do on the internet that can’t be erased, and without the correct privacy settings - anyone can find out when you’ll next be on a plane. Here are a few simple tips to keep safe online:

•  Only accept friend requests from people you know and trust (close friends and family)
•  Make your privacy settings high, so that only your friends can see it.


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