Following your favourite celebrity on social media may not be as safe as it seems
04 October 2018

Following your favourite celebrity on social media may not be as safe as it seems

The terms 'email phishing' and 'spam' are not new, but they continue to be used because they remain a successful way of tricking us into some form of interaction.

However, the cyber criminal is becoming more devious and is using people’s fascination of following and searching for celebrities online to conduct their attacks.

The BBC recently reported that ‚ÄėKim Kardashian, the reality TV star is the most dangerous celebrity to search for online in the UK‚Äô.

Cyber criminals are using popular celebrities to try and trick us into clicking on links embedded in fake websites and news stories for their own gain.

Now the attacker does not even have to infect your computer, they could simply take you to a fake celebrity website and ask you to put in your bank details to buy merchandise or tickets - which they then have because you have simply given them away.

More likely is that attacker will want their victim to click on a link so that he can then download malicious software, also known as Malware, to infect your computer or device. Once this has happened the attacker could stop you gaining access to your computer and demand a ransom to allow you back in (Ransomware), or secretly get all your personal information including passwords to steal your identity or gain access to your bank accounts.

Not only treat all emails with caution, but click on news stories from sources you trust and recognise.


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