7 reasons to consolidate your security & fire systems with one provider
06 August 2018

7 reasons to consolidate your security & fire systems with one provider

Managing the continual upkeep of your business's buildings and facilities is no easy task, especially when having to juggle a large portfolio of individual service providers.

Whether it's security, fire protection, Health and Safety or general building maintenance, you need a bank of service partners who you can trust to provide a reliable service, value for money and help keep unnecessary hassle to a minimum.

What you don't need, are unreliable and inefficient partners who take up too much of your valuable time and resources.

Whilst it is often necessary to employ a specialist company to take responsibility for one specific facilities requirement, there are some services that work better in symphony with each other - take security and fire systems for example.


Why is security and fire safety so important?

Security and fire safety are two of the most pressing concerns for Facilities Managers. The need to ensure your business is equipped with systems to protect your people and property is paramount, and therefore choosing the right provider takes careful consideration.

Security systems are designed to minimise the risk of theft, vandalism and personal safety. From Business Alarms and CCTV Cameras to Access Control systems, technology is being relied upon more than ever to keep people safe and ensure business continuity.

Fire is considered the highest risk to life safety. The potential devastation caused by a fire is so significant that it could destroy a business in just a matter of hours. Providing systems that minimise the risks of fire is not only necessary for safety purposes, it is a legal requirement, and every business in the UK must provide a sufficient level of protection under the guidance of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

Why consolidate your security and fire systems under one provider?

Dealing with separate suppliers for security and fire systems is not uncommon. For example, you may have chosen two different companies in an effort to get the best possible deal at the time of installation.

However, the fact that many current providers have the capability to service both of these systems under one roof, means you're likely to be missing out on several efficiency improvements and potential cost savings over the long-term.


What are the benefits of using one provider?

Consolidating your security and fire needs will help make managing the safety of your business simpler.

Here are six reasons to switch to one provider...

1. Save time and hassle
Multiple contracts with multiple suppliers means lots of time spent on administration. Whether it's paperwork, invoicing or maintenance bookings, everything is doubled-up when having to switch between two different providers. Using one supplier cuts out the need for duplication, saving you valuable time in the long-run.

2. Dedicated contacts for everything you need
As well as saving time, consolidating your systems under one provider means you'll simply have less people to deal with on a daily basis. Here at Allcooper, you'll have dedicated contacts for sales, service and finance - with engineering support available from at least 3 engineers, 24/7, all year round.

3. Build a long-term relationship
It's always rewarding to develop lasting relationships with your suppliers. This helps build trust, and lets you really get to know how each other's businesses work. It's also the best way to forward-plan and consider how to maintain and build upon your systems for the future.

4. Site familiarity
This point is particularly useful when it comes to efficiency and engineering support. For example, we would allocate the same engineers to your site every time. It means you'll benefit from people with the right skills for your systems, who will really get to know your sites, the layout of your systems and how they operate. It may be possible to bring your maintenance schedules in line with each other, meaning all of your systems can be maintained on the same day, by the same engineer. This reduces time spent on site and overall labour costs.

5. Integration
Overseeing and dealing with each security or fire system individually can be a challenging, time-consuming and often unproductive task. Integrated systems combine multiple systems into one consolidated platform. With the right solution, integration of your organisation’s security systems can deliver mind-blowing functionality and a host of efficiencies.

6. Combine your monitoring
Monitoring services are key to making sure you're the first to know about any potential security breach or fire risk. If you deal with different providers for your intruder and fire systems, if they're monitored, it's likely you'll also be dealing with different monitoring services. That means multiple account numbers, telephone numbers and passwords to remember.

Why keep these separate when it's possible for one provider (like ourselves) to link together the monitoring of both your security and fire systems? Not only does this make things easier to manage, it can save you money straight away.
7. Reduce your overall costs
The combination of all of the points above can help reduce the overall costs of maintaining your security and fire systems. Benefits such as greater efficiency, less time spent on site and combined monitoring services all contribute to making sure you achieve a more cost-effective approach to keeping your business safe and secure.

Here at Allcooper, we've helped hundreds of Facilities Managers and business owners bring their security and fire requirements together under our care.

From Fire Alarm systems to Extinguishers and Emergency Lighting, we can provide all of the fire safety services you need to fulfil your responsibilities, stay compliant and minimise the risk of fire to your business.

Find out how you could be better-off

To help you discover the benefits of switching to one provider, Allcooper is pleased to offer you a free review of your existing security and fire systems. If you're interested in switching them over to us, you can be assured of a competitive package for the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your systems.

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