5 tactics to defend your home this World Cup season
11 June 2018

5 tactics to defend your home this World Cup season

Football fever is sweeping the nation this summer as the 2018 FIFA World Cup gets underway on 15th June. 

Every four years, the international tournament brings around a special atmosphere among football fans. No matter which nation you support, it's all to play for, and there's guaranteed to be goals, excitement and the chance of a giant-killing upset.

Of course, not everyone can make it over to Russia to support their team, which leaves the important question - Where are you going to watch the big games?

Well, before you make that decision, have you considered that choosing where you'll be watching is actually quite important when it comes to the security of your home?

Watching the game at home?

It's always good fun to get into the spirit by inviting your mates over for a footie-themed get-together in front of the TV. Enjoy snacks, drinks and edge-of-the-sofa entertainment from the comfort of your own living room.

If you're all crowding around the television, remember to make sure other areas of your home aren't left exposed. Opportunist thieves prey on open windows, unlocked doors and easy-to-reach valuables such as mobile phones and car keys. Read the tips below for more information.


Heading out to the pub?

Some people prefer the atmosphere of their local public house when taking in the World Cup action. The cold beers, multiple screens and wild celebrations always generate a great buzz.

What's worse than your team getting knocked out of the competition? Coming home to find an intruder has beaten your offside trap and broken into your home. Win or lose, the last thing you'll want to experience is a burglary. It's therefore really important to leave your home as secure as possible before heading out to watch the game.

Just doing the simple things can save you from a world of grief. Carrying out daily home security checks a sensible way to prevent your home from becoming an easy target. 

Here are our top 5 tactics to ensure you aren't left paying the penalty for an unsecured home...

1. Install a Burglar Alarm as your first line of defence...

Without a doubt, a professionally-installed Burglar Alarm System provides the first line of defence for your home. Not only will an alarm provide an electronic layer of security protection, the sight of the external 'Bell-Box' alone is a strong visual deterrent, warning potential intruders that targeting your home is not worth their time.

Keeping the system well-maintained is key to ensuring it remains effective. It's also worth considering the option of 24-hour monitoring for immediate notification in the event of a break in, and for enhanced peace of mind.


2. Intercept intruders by locking your doors and windows

As simple as it sounds, keeping your doors and windows closed is really effective. This is because burglars prefer 'quick wins', where an open window or door presents them with an easy opportunity to access your home.

If the summer sun tempts you to let in the breeze, just make sure you remember to close up before heading out or going to bed.   


3. Don't score an own-goal with Social Media

The evolution of Social Media has encouraged a culture of sharing, with many people choosing to share photos, videos and updates about what they're up to. If you're a keen user of Facebook, Twitter and such like, have you thought about what information you're sharing and who may be able to see it? 

Features such as 'checking in' are designed to show where you are at a specific time. For example, you might want to let your friends know that you're watching the football at the local pub. Without realising it, you may be telling a potential thief that you're home is currently unoccupied, and it's the perfect time to strike...

Apart from choosing not to share you location, the best solution is to review your privacy settings. This allows you to decide who can and cannot see your updates. We recommend reviewing your 'friends list' and changing your settings so that only people you trust can see them.

4. Home or away, make your home look occupied

One of the most recommended home security tactics is to leave a light, radio or television on when you're out. This is an effective way to create the illusion someone is home, and deter thieves from trying their luck.

For a low price, you can purchase timer-switches to turn appliances on and off at different times of the day. This helps save electricity, whilst also showing continued activity within the property.


5. Watch instant replays on CCTV

Home security cameras are becoming more popular with systems becoming more advanced and cost-effective. Like a Burglar Alarm, the presence of CCTV is another very strong deterrent. Intruders do not want to risk their identity and will do their best to avoid being caught on camera.

What's more, the latest cameras deliver superb image quality, night and day, for really clear surveillance footage. Your camera footage can even be viewed on the go via Apps on your mobile phone. Amazing!


You're in safe hands with Allcooper

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