18 June 2018

A guide to a safe and secure summer

Summer time is officially here! Time to dust of the BBQ, get the gardening gloves on and look forward to enjoying the better weather with your family.

With the children due to break up from school in the coming weeks, thousands of parents will be looking forward to whisking the family away for a summer holiday. Whether it be a long weekend near the seaside or jetting abroad to an all-inclusive resort, it is always important to ensure that your home is safe and secure for when you return to it. 

The summer season can often see a rise in the amount of burglaries committed, particularly by opportunist thieves who look to capitalise on homes that show any sign of a lapse in security.

There are a number of things you can do to stop burglars in their tracks and prevent your home from becoming a target. We have come up with some advice that we think all homeowners might find handy for the coming summer time.

enlightened Keeping your windows and doors shut

Summer is all about making the most of the sun, garden, children and holidays whilst it lasts in the UK. Although it may sound obvious, if you are out in your garden making the most of the sun, don't forget to ensure that your front door is locked! Thieves may only need one minute to do their dirty work!

This time of year is very good for opportunist burglars because they are able to take advantage of open doors and windows. There are many of us that will leave our windows open during the evening to cool the house down whilst we sleep, but this is prime time for a burglar to enter your home. This simple mistake could be the difference between a secure home and a burgled home.

According to The Home Office, 56% of burglaries take place during the evening.


enlightened The perfect time to start DIY work

Now that the sun is finally making an appearance, this is the perfect opportunity to get your hands dirty with a bit of DIY work around the house. Whether it be planting a few shrubs in your garden or painting your bedroom wall, you must always remember to securely store away all your tools and equipment. Opportunist thieves will grab anything within easy reach, especially if it might help them access your home too.



enlightened Are you going on holiday?

If you are lucky enough to be heading off on your holidays, you should always ensure that your home is safe and secure whilst you are away, so that you can return to it how you left it.

Here is a handful of our top tips for keeping your home secure whilst you are away...

1. Whilst you are away on holiday, why don't you ask a close friend or relative to house sit for you? This can help to ensure that your home looks occupied whilst you aren't able to do so, deterring potential thieves. But don't forget to tell your neighbours if you do this! They might assume that they are intruders in your home.

2. Ask your neighbours to pick up your post, to hide any indication that you are not home. Or you could sign up to Royal Mail's KeepSake Service here, and they will hold your mail until you require to receive them again.

3. Leave a few lights on for the period that you are away or buy a timer switch so that they can be turned on and off throughout the day. This helps to also make your home look occupied. For information about receiving a free timer switch, visit Gloucestershire's Constabulary Stolen Memories website here.

4. Try not to post your 'whereabouts' on Social Media. It doesn't take long for a Social Media savvy burglar to do some research and discover that you and your family are away on holiday with potentially, an empty house! OR you could list your social media accounts as private so that only friends and family can view your posts.




enlightened Take a look at our Guide to a Safe and Secure Summer Infographic...


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