When do the clocks go forward in 2018?
20 March 2018

When do the clocks go forward in 2018?

It doesn't seem like that long ago we were talking about the clocks going back, and who can blame us with the weather we've had recently! It has been an unusually cold start to spring but we're now looking forward to some warmer weather and the Easter holidays, which are just around the corner.

With the arrival of spring comes the changing of the clocks so that they go forward by one hour, a tradition that always seems to get people talking - usually about how much sleep will be lost! For us here at Allcooper, we focus on how the changing of seasons can affect your security, and the ways you can stay one step ahead of potential criminals.

When do the clocks go forward?

In 2018, the clocks will go forward into 'British Summer Time' (BST) on Sunday 25 March. The clocks will officially move forward an hour when the clock strikes 01:00am.


Why do the clocks go forward?

The UK first began taking part in this tradition during World War One. It was originally introduced by Germany and Austria to save on coal usage. The Allies then adopted it, with the added incentive of giving people an extra hour of daylight at the end of the working day. The concept was first invented in 1895 by New Zealander, George Vincent Hudson. British business man, William Willett is also credited with putting the idea to the UK Government for consideration. It was opposed first time around before finally being adopted by Britain in 1916, a year after he died.

How will this affect your day?

The clocks going forward does mean you will lose one hour of sleep. However, it also means you will gain an extra hour of daylight every day until the end of British Summer Time. So, as the weather (hopefully) warms up over the coming months, it won't get dark so early and you'll be able to spend more time outside in the evenings enjoying the extra hour of daylight.


When do the clocks go back again in 2018?

The clocks go back one hour and return to 'Greenwich Mean Time' (GMT) on Sunday 28th October at 02:00am.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is be aware of the clocks change and make sure you adjust to the new time. If you own a smartphone or tablet, they are usually set to adjust automatically to the new time. Any analogue clocks you have, whether an alarm, watch, wall clock, television, oven or in-car clock will need to be adjusted accordingly. Digital or analogue, it's worth checking all your devices, as you definitely won't want to be late for work!

How can the clocks changing affect your security?

During the winter months, it is the extra hours of darkness that can increase the vulnerability of your home. In spring and summer however, it is the consequences of lighter evenings that need to be considered.

When the climate is warmer and the are days longer, it can be easy to become a little more relaxed about the security of your home. Windows are opened, we spend more time in the garden and many of us set off on holidays during Half Term.


Here are some quick and simple reminders of how you can stay vigilant in the coming months...

Always set your burglar alarm
So vitally important! If you have an alarm fitted to protect your home, please do use it. It's without doubt the best deterrent you can have. If you don't have an alarm, consider having one installed. Click here if you would like a free quote from Allcooper. 

Don't leave windows and doors open when you're not there
Off to work for the day or popping to the shops? It doesn't matter how long you're not going to be at home - always close and lock your windows and doors. This stops opportunist thieves from getting an easy chance to break-in.

Planning an Easter break?
Going on a holiday leaves your home vulnerable, simply as you're not there to make it look lived in. Ask a neighbour, friend or family member to pop in once a day to check all is OK. They can open and close your curtains, collect mail and let you know if anything appears wrong. Another way to receive notification of an incident when you're not there, is to have your alarm system monitored.

Keep the garden tidy
Tools that may be lying around are often used by burglars to help them gain entry into a home. Make sure any utensils you have lying around are tidied up and stored away. If you have valuable items such as tools, bicycles or machinery, it helps to keep them in a garage or shed that is locked up securely. These areas can be linked also be linked to your burglar alarm to provide proper detection. 

Don't overshare on social media
We're mostly all guilty of posting updates to our friends and family on social media. Whether it's a Facebook 'check-in', picture gallery or holiday booking, advertising your whereabouts is not a good idea. This information becomes easily available to criminals, who are increasingly using social media sites to target homes and businesses. Check your privacy settings and wait until you are home before sharing those holiday snaps.

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