Reasons to consider CCTV for your home
12 February 2018

Reasons to consider CCTV for your home

Having a CCTV system installed at your home provides a step up to a higher level of home security. There are a variety of cameras systems available to suit differing needs, all allowing you to continuously keep an eye on activity in and around your home.

The importance of keeping your home secure goes without saying, and there is nothing more vital than keeping your loved ones and possessions safe. When installed alongside an existing Monitored Intruder Alarm system, CCTV offers enhanced protection against the threat of intrusion. For example, if your alarm system is triggered, you are able to quickly investigate using your CCTV system, which can be viewed via an App on your smartphone (more info below).

Modern security camera systems are designed to integrate with your lifestyle, enabling you to:

• Record, store and play-back home security footage
• Deter intruders from targeting your home
• View your home on the go via an App

Hear more about CCTV from our Home Security Advisor, Adam:

What does IP CCTV mean?

Nowadays, the most commonly installed CCTV systems are hard-wired, 'IP' systems.

IP stands for 'Internet Protocol'. These systems are connected using high quality, network-ready cables - similar to those used for IT applications. The main benefit of IP CCTV systems is their ability to transfer large amounts of data between the cameras and recorder, quickly and securely. They also carry a continual power supply to the cameras, rather than each camera needing a separate supply. The evolution of IP CCTV systems provides significantly better quality images and features, when compared to traditional analogue systems.

The best system for you really depends on your individual needs and preferences. Our recommendation is to seek advice from one of our Home Security Advisors, who can discuss the options in more detail and help you choose the most appropriate solution.

What does a typical system include?

A typical home CCTV package will include the following:

• Up to 4 x HD-ready IP Cameras*
• 1 x Network Video Recorder (NVR) with 4 or more channels
• Storage capacity to record up to 1 months' worth of footage**
• Option to view cameras via an App
• Engineer labour for a professional installation
• Training on how to use the system

We can also supply a monitor to view your cameras, however images are generally viewed on tablets, smartphones or TV sets.

*More cameras can be added if the property requires further coverage. This will require an NVR with the corresponding amount of channels and storage capacity to accommodate.

**1 months' footage is based on a typical installation of 2 x cameras. Storage can be flexible depending on your unique set up.

Remote viewing via Apps

Apps allow you to stream your cameras via your smartphone or tablet - perfect for keeping an eye on daily activity around the home such as checking on your pets or making sure the children are home from school.

As with all internet-connected technology, their performance depends heavily on your home broadband connection. It is important to be aware from the outset that if you have poor broadband speed or performance, the ability to access systems via Apps cannot be relied upon. A strong internet connection should always be prioritised before exploring CCTV systems for your home.

What does the equipment look like?

Cameras come in different shapes and sizes. We use Bullet, Turret and Dome Cameras as they are more suited to the home environment and offer a great range of coverage. The Network Video Recorder looks similar to a DVD player, and the monitor is like any used for a PC.

Bullet Camera

Turret Camera

Dome Camera

Network Video Recorder

What can I expect to see?

Below are some examples of the types of images you can expect to see from a home CCTV system.

Daytime image

Night time image

5 reasons to consider a CCTV system for your home

1. It's an extra deterrent
The sight of a home security camera alone provides an instant deterrent to a potential burglar. By installing a camera in an obvious location, thieves are less likely to target your property, due to the increased risk they could be caught.

2. Catch criminals in the act
In the event of suspicious activity or an attempted break-in, the footage captured by your cameras can provided to the Police as evidence and to aid investigation.

3. View footage in High Definition
Gone are the days of black and white, fuzzy pictures. The latest cameras can provide you with full HD images, during the day and infrared images at night time. You can even stream live footage on the move via a mobile App, allowing you to check on your home from wherever you are.

4. 24/7 monitoring
Like monitored alarm systems, choosing to have your security cameras monitored means you can rely on a 24-hour Video Receiving Centre to keep an eye on your images for you. If there is any suspicious activity, they will alert you so that immediate action can be taken.

5. Increased peace of mind
There's no better feeling than knowing your home is secure. The addition of CCTV to your home will only add to your ongoing peace of mind.

I'd like more information about home CCTV

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