Is your alarm getting the love it deserves?
07 February 2018

Is your alarm getting the love it deserves?

Valentine's Day is here, and with love well and truly in the air, it got us thinking: If an alarm system had a dating profile, what would make it the perfect catch?

When it comes to alarms and security systems, we like to think we know our stuff. With the topic of Valentine's Day doing the rounds in the office, it made us think, just what does an alarm need in order to be loved? What makes it happy? How important is it to look good?

OK, so we know this article may be a contender for the cheesiest ever... but here's what we think an alarm would be swiped right for, if it were signed up to a security system dating App!

Keeping you safe


The main attractive quality of an alarm system is its role in helping keeping you and your property safe. Knowing it’s always there to protect your home provides that feeling of peace of mind we all desire.

Good looks

All alarm systems should look good. Nobody wants a scruffy or broken Bell Box on the side of their building.¬†As a deterrent, it‚Äôs their job is¬†to catch the eye of potential burglars. However, this isn't to attract them - it's to warn¬†off them off with a clear message of ‚Äúdon‚Äôt even bother!‚Ä̬†Good-looking alarms are much more effective in showing criminals that the property is well-protected.


This ultimately depends on the condition of the Bell Box (also known as the external sounder), which is the only part of the system that is fitted to the outside of a building. The Bell Box doesn't have to look beautiful to work effectively, but be warned, if it looks tired and is in need of a makeover, a burglar could think the system itself isn't in best working condition. A clean, branded and up-to-date Bell Box is therefore the best way keep your alarm looking the part. Models are also available now that illuminate - great for an extra visible deterrent after dark.

Things in common

An alarm exists to protect your property. And you want to keep your property and possessions safe. So, having a good quality system installed really is the perfect match!


It's really important to use your alarm every day and every time you leave your home or business. Don't leave it feeling bored with nothing to do. Protecting your property exactly is what it's there for.

Tender loving care

From time to time, everyone needs a little TLC. The same goes for your alarm system. Without regular maintenance and support, over time, your system may start to experience issues. The health of your alarm depends on the ongoing care it receives from your chosen security partner. At least once per year, a qualified service engineer should attend the property to check the system over, test each component and replace any faulty parts or batteries.


Maintenance for your alarm is usually included within a Service Contract. That's what we provide here at Allcooper. In addition to annual maintenance, your contract provides additional benefits such as 24/7 technical support, an engineer call-out facility and access to reduced rates compared to non-contracted customers.

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Long-term relationship

An alarm isn't looking for a fling. It needs a long-term owner and maintenance partner who'll be there to support it for years to come. By receiving regular maintenance and being brought up-to-date with new technology and products hitting the market, an alarm system can last for decades. Here at Allcooper, we're proud to have relationships with customers that have lasted over 20 years. And when the time comes, we'll be there to help bring the system back to life through a simple and cost-effective upgrade.

When being overprotective is a good thing!

There's nothing bad about being overprotective if you're an alarm system. The most effective systems are those that add extra layers of protection through 24-hour monitoring services. This means that if your alarm is triggered when it is set, a signal is sent to a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who will become aware of a security threat almost instantly. They'll contact you and your chosen keyholders to inform you of the activation, so it can be checked out. There's even the possibility of the Police attending in this instance, providing certain conditions are met.

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Show your alarm some love this Valentine's Day

There's no better time to show your alarm how much it means to you. For advice on maintenance, upgrades or new installations, get in touch for a free security assessment and quotation.

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