Simply having a secure home at Christmas time
14 November 2017

Simply having a secure home at Christmas time

Advice and tips on how to beat burglary over the festive season.

If you were searching for Paul McCartney lyrics, then we can only apologise - this article is all about keeping your home safe and secure at Christmas time, which we're sure you'll agree is just as important!

The Christmas period is a wonderful time to celebrate the year together with your loved ones. You may choose to spend the majority of your time at home, or maybe you'll whisk yourself away for some winter sun? As you enjoy the build up to the big day, you'll no doubt spend some time catching up with friends, visiting family or hitting the shops to stock up on presents.

No matter what time of year, every time you leave your home, it becomes vulnerable. So, it's important to think about your home security as part of your daily routine. This will ensure you take basic steps to keep your property safe from burglars.

Remember the film 'Home Alone'? The pair of bungling burglars were actually very smart in targeting the McCallister home when they knew the family were going to be away for the holidays. Unlucky for them, on this occasion little Kevin and his booby traps were there to stop them in their tracks. Now, we'd never recommend leaving your child at home, or setting up DIY snares to keep it protected, but we would recommend a Burglar Alarm System. Like Kevin, an alarm continuously watches over your home, ready to raise the alert should someone attempt to break in. It's a hugely effective deterrent against potential thieves, who will think more than twice before targeting your property.

Taking security measures becomes more prevalent at Christmas time due to the increased the risk of theft. Think about all the expensive gifts you may have stored away ready for Christmas Day...

To make sure you're doing all you can to protect your home, here are our top 12 Christmas tips for better home security.

Allcooper's Top 12 Home Security Tips

1. Keep gifts out of view

Whether wrapped or unwrapped, don't keep any gifts in places where they can be easily seen e.g. through the lounge window under the tree. Keeping them out of sight removes the temptation for a potential criminal to try their luck.

2. Make your home look occupied

Even if you are only popping out for a couple of minutes, take steps such as leaving a light or radio on to create the illusion there's someone home.

3. Lock all your windows and doors

This goes without saying, however also avoid leaving windows or doors ajar to run cables for any festive lights.

4. Unattended parcels

Shopping online this year? Make sure someone is there to receive deliveries and don't give permission for them to be left on the door step.

5. Dispose of all wrappers and boxes

Leaving empty boxes and wrapping outside your home will show a burglar all the lovely gifts you have received this Christmas. Package them down as small as you can and put them in black bags to disguise what they are.

6. Don't keep receipts with presents

If a thief was able to break in, this would enable them to return what you've bought in exchange for cash. After Christmas, shred any unwanted receipts and don't put them in the normal rubbish.

7. Make friends with your neighbours

If you are going to be away for longer than a day, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home. Just by taking in the post and opening and shutting curtains for you, it can help to prevent unwanted attention from prying eyes.

8. Cancel regular deliveries

Avoid making it obvious you're away by cancelling milk and paper deliveries. These can stack up outside the front door, highlighting the fact no-one is around.

9. Switch off Christmas lights and electrical items

Make sure they turned are off when you are out of the room or house to eliminate possibility of fires caused by electrical items.

10. Naked flames

To lower the risk of an accidental fire, avoid leaving candles unguarded and make sure they are not positioned on wooden or flammable surfaces.

11. Social Media

Avoid sharing too much information about where you are, when you're going, or what you've got. Don't 'check-in' and be careful when posting pictures. Burglars are increasingly using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to identify potential targets.

12. Consider a burglar alarm

If you don't already have one, consider having an intruder alarm fitted and maintained. Burglars will typically go for the easy option, so an unprotected home will stand out amongst those that are clearly alarmed. If you do have one fitted, please make sure you use it every day.

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