Sorry, No Trick Or Treat Here
29 October 2018

Sorry, No Trick Or Treat Here

Not interested in taking part in this year's Halloween celebrations? Politely let trick or treaters know to give your home a miss when out on the hunt for sweets by downloading our poster.

Halloween takes place on 31st October and families across the UK are gearing up for a night of ghoulish fun and frolics. In your community, you can expect to see everything from fancy dress parties and local events, to pumpkin carving and spooky decorations. And who could forget the most famous Halloween activity - trick or treating.

Despite being a season that's enjoyed by many, it's important to remember that Halloween isn't for everyone.

Read our latest blog post with Halloween Home Security Tips and advice on staying safe during the darker nights ahead.

If you would like to ensure your door isn't being knocked all evening, you can download and print our No Trick or Treat poster to display outside your home. Simply click the link below and display your poster in a window or door.


Remember, if you are taking part in the fun, please remember to respect the privacy of your neighbours and fellow residents who may wish to avoid the tradition.


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