Why do you need to secure the exterior of your property?
24 October 2017

Why do you need to secure the exterior of your property?

With the night's drawing in for winter, now is a great time to review the lighting of your home or business premises.

Here at Allcooper, we offer many different exterior security and lighting solutions to help brighten up the areas that surround your property. These range from movement detection lighting, to products that offer permanent lighting during hours of darkness. Lighting requirements differ between home and business environments, however its purpose is the same - to provide improved visibility and safety for those who occupy the property.

Is your business security lighting sufficient?

For businesses, exterior security lighting can add an extra layer of security in addition to Alarms and CCTV. Having the exterior of your property lit up is very important, as it makes it more difficult for potential intruders to exploit the cover of darkness. It can also add comfort for your customers and staff, who will feel safer when accessing your site after dark.

Security floodlights are effective in helping drench large outdoor areas with light. These areas could be car parks, access points or the surrounding grounds. Floodlights work very well alongside CCTV systems, as they can help improve the quality of images after dark. Extra lighting creates a clearer night time image because the camera uses the light generated by the floodlight to better see their surrounding environment, relying less on infrared.

The increasing popularity of LED security lighting

In recent years, LED lighting has grown in popularity, and is now regarded as a better investment when compared to traditional Halogen security lighting products. This is because LED bulbs provide better long-term efficiency. As well as creating brighter and cleaner luminosity, they use less electricity to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Although LED lighting is slightly more expensive than the traditional Halogen security lighting, in the long term, LED lights work out more cost-effective as they are very long-lasting. Within the average lifespan of an LED light, you may have had to change a Halogen bulb several times!

Simple lighting for safety and convenience

In addition to hard wired lighting products, we have a range of battery-operated wireless lights - ideal for places without any power, such as sheds, gardens and greenhouses. Wireless security lights offer an affordable. low-energy solution because they use no mains electricity, operate on motion detection and can be installed anywhere you would like!

Tips on how to keep your home exterior secure

To help improve the security of your outdoor spaces,  many simple daily checks can help you stay secure.

• Always shut and lock your gates.
• Keep the outside of your garden tidy.
• Ensure that your garden tools are not left lying around. These could be stolen or even used by a burglar to help force entry.
• Use gravel on paths and driveways - so intruders can't move around without creating noise.
• Have exterior lighting fitted - An extra home security measure that can make it difficult for thieves, who may be using areas of darkness for cover.

Garage and Shed security

Leaving valuables unsecured could be costly. If you have a garage or garden shed, ensure to make the best of them, and ensure they are secure too. 

• We can install motion sensors so that you are alerted if there were to be an intruder present.
• If backed-up by strong doors and windows, your garage or shed can be protected as part of your main alarm system. 

Free advice and quotations

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