When do the clocks go back in 2018?
17 September 2018

When do the clocks go back in 2018?

Find out when the clocks will go back in 2018, signalling the return of longer, darker nights.

Putting your clocks back by an hour is a tell-tale sign that the autumn has taken hold and winter is well and truly on its way. You will notice it will be lighter when you wake up in the morning, and the nights will be drawing in much earlier during the late afternoon.

Most digital clocks will adjust automatically (mobile phones, televisions, PCs), but you're still likely to have to go 'old school' and physically change at least one analog clock, be it your watch, office or kitchen clock.

This tradition of changing back the clocks means we all technically receive an extra hour of sleep. Just what we needed! However, it also means it will be much harder to get out of bed and it will feel a lot gloomier when heading home for the evening. Deep into winter, you will even find it is dark when commuting to and from your place of work. Those sunny evenings in your garden or local park will soon seem long-forgotten!

Fittingly, the clock change also comes at the end of UK Home Security Month, a campaign which exists to raise awareness of the importance of home security at this time of year.

When do the clocks go back this year?

The clocks will go back by one hour on Sunday 28 October at 2.00am, returning the UK to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and bringing British Summer Time (BST) to an end.

When do they go forward again? 

The UK clocks will change forward again for British Summer Time (BST) on Sunday 31 March 2019 at 1.00am.

How does this affect my home security?

The darker evenings can cause several concerns when it comes to protecting your home from burglary. Extended hours of darkness will mean your home is left in the dark for longer than usual, especially at times when you may still be out or at your place of work. For a burglar, this can be a big bonus in helping them identify homes that are unoccupied and may be easier targets for a break-in.


There are some basic things you can do to deter potential thieves from targeting your property.

Take a look at the tips below and try to incorporate them into your daily routine throughout the winter months...

• Ensure all of your windows and doors are locked
• Always set your burglar alarm system, even if popping out for a few minutes
• If you don't have an alarm, consider having one installed
• Leave a light on to make your home appear occupied
• You could also leave a television or radio on for the same effect
• Use timer switches to turn them on and off intermittently
• Install security lighting outside your home
• Don't leave any valuables on show or in easy reach
• Don't share your location on social media
• Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on any suspicious activity
• Report crime to the Police or anonymously through Crimestoppers

What about my business security?

With darkness setting in whilst the majority of businesses are still open, good lighting for your premises is essential for adding an extra layer of security and visibility. Employees and customers entering or exiting your site in the evening should have access to good lighting to help them feel safe, even if just walking to their vehicle.


High-intensity flood lighting also exposes the dark areas that surround your building to deter criminals. Lights can be triggered by motion or by a manual switch, depending on your preference. Here are some more tips on protecting your premises after dark.

• Security lighting should be in place at business sites for good visibility and improved safety
• CCTV cameras should be equipped with infrared night vision for clear surveillance images
• Ensure your alarms are set and well-maintained
• Consider alarm monitoring services for 24-hour awareness of potential criminal activity
• Evaluate who deals with alarm calls - consider employing the services of a keyholding company
• Fire doors and emergency exits should be well lit

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