Are you prepared for the darker nights?
01 September 2018

Are you prepared for the darker nights?

We've waved goodbye to another summer and reached that time of year when it's starting to get that little bit darker each day. Before you know it, the sun will have already set before you've even got home from work.

Each season brings its own home security challenges, and as we embrace the autumn season and prepare for the arrival of winter, we're keen as ever to remind our readers of the importance of reviewing the safety of your home, especially as the nights start to draw in.

61% of burglaries occur during the evening/night*

Less hours of daylight during the late seasons gives burglars the chance to go about their crimes under an extended cover of darkness. They will be looking for easy targets and opportunities, where homes appear unoccupied or don't have an alarm system.

To help make sure you and your home are best prepared, take a look at some of our recommended actions to keep burglars at bay.

Install a burglar alarm system


A professionally installed burglar alarm system is simply the best investment you can make to protect your home. The sight of an alarm on your home alone is an effective deterrent, as it makes it a significantly less attractive proposition to a potential intruder. The latest systems are robust, reliable and easy to manage. There are several options available, including wired and wireless systems. You can even have them set up to illuminate at night time for an extra visual deterrent. Having your alarm monitored 24/7 also allows you to be notified instantly of any sign of intrusion.

Read more about home alarm systems 

Make your home look occupied

Even if you are only popping out for a couple of minutes, make sure you always take steps to create the illusion there's someone home. Leave a light, television or radio on, or use timer switches to switch them on and off intermittently.

Security lighting

Consider installing motion-sensing security lights around the outside of your home. These can be another effective deterrent as they help remove areas of darkness around your property where a potential intruder could take cover. Lighting is most effective when installed around doorways, driveways, paths, side passages, garages and sheds.

Be on Neighbourhood Watch

Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme or group is a great way to work together with others in your community to fight and report crime.

Find your nearest scheme here.

As well as contacting the Police, you can also report crimes anonymously through the charity, Crimestoppers. Call 0800 555 111 or report information about a crime via their website. You don't have to reveal any of your personal details but your information could make a real difference in helping the Police tackle criminals.

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Source: Office for National Statistics - Focus on property crime: year ending March 2016


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