The power of the Bell Box
17 August 2017

The power of the Bell Box

Your Alarm's Bell Box is the first line of defence when it comes to deterring burglars from targeting your property.

Intruder Alarm systems are made up of a combination of electronic components that work together to keep your property secure. However, it is the presence of one particular component that reassuringly helps keep burglars at bay, and that is the External Bell Box.

Also referred to as the 'External Sounder' or simply 'the Bell', this piece of electronic equipment is the only part of your system that is visible from the exterior of your home or business. You will no doubt be familiar with seeing these boxes fixed to the front of houses, shops and other buildings to show that the property is alarmed.

They come in all shapes and sizes and usually display details of the security company who are responsible for the system's original installation, and hopefully, its ongoing maintenance.

What is purpose of the Bell Box?


First and foremost, the Bell Box has a very important job. It is the part of your alarm system that emits a high-pitched audible sound if the alarm is triggered. The loud noise is designed to distract and scare off an intruder should they attempt to enter your property whilst the alarm system is set. In addition, its sound will be heard by nearby neighbours or members of the public who may help when it comes to contacting the Police, especially as it's likely you won't be there when a burglar strikes.

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Why is it a burglar deterrent?


You have to put yourselves in the shoes of a burglar. Imagine there are two houses next door to each other. One has a Bell Box (indicating it is alarmed) and the other one has none. Which one would you target?

Burglars are always looking for easy pickings and prefer to target properties that look unsecured as the chances of them being caught will be much lower.

Breaking in to a property that is alarmed is going to cause a thief all kinds of problems. Not only will the alarm be raised as soon as the system detects their presence, they will not want to hang around for long!

Therefore, a property that proudly displays a Bell Box and is clearly alarmed is significantly less likely to be burgled.

Light up!


New to the market in recent years, we can now offer Bell Boxes which stay permanently illuminated. Featuring a back light within the main unit, this means at night time, the Bell Box 'glows' in the dark. This feature is optional and designed to make it even more obvious to a potential thief that a property is alarmed.

Should I keep my Bell Box maintained?


Our answer is always yes. We always recommend that if you have an alarm system, you take out a Service Contract with your security provider which includes regular maintenance. As part of your maintenance visit, your Bell Box will be thoroughly checked and tested by a qualified engineer to ensure it will continue to perform effectively.

The condition of your Bell Box is also something that we recommend you keep an eye on. If your Bell Box is old, worn or looks unused, it can sometimes give away the wrong impression to a potential thief, who may be led to believe it's not working as it should.

Old-Bell  New-Bell
Which looks better?

If your Bell Box always looks clean, professional and is branded with your security provider's logo, it will naturally maintain its effectiveness as a burglar deterrent.

Bell Box replacement


Replacing an old Bell Box is a wise and affordable investment. Not only will you benefit from improved reliability, from the outside, it will also give the impression that your alarm system is brand new. If you are interested in doing this, your security provider will be able to replace your Bell Box with a brand new one. This can be even more affordable if it takes place during your next scheduled maintenance visit.

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