Securing your home for summer
03 July 2017

Securing your home for summer

Do's and don'ts for keeping your home safe during the summer months

When summer arrives in the UK we all like to make the most of the the warmer weather, which with a bit of luck, gives us plenty of chances to enjoy the sunshine with our friends and family. For many, this means holidays, family days out and spending more time outdoors.

Home security remains a constant challenge for homeowners because the change in seasons can expose varying concerns depending on the time of year. For example, in the winter time, the nights draw in earlier which can make homes appear unoccupied at earlier times of the day. When it comes to the summer months, there are several different factors that can leave homes vulnerable, such as being away from home for extended periods of time.

The good news is that with a bit of thought and vigilance, keeping your home safe at this time of year can be a quick and simple task.

Looking forward to a holiday?

Holidays are of course a time when we all look forward to a break away from the normal routine, so jumping on a plane to an exotic destination is something to get excited about. It's important to bear in mind that whilst enjoying your break, your home is significantly more at risk, simply because you are not there. Therefore it makes sense to ensure you've done all you can to protect it from the prying eyes of burglars. Before heading for the airport, make sure you have done the following:


• Lock all of your doors and windows
• Always ensure your burglar alarm system is set
• Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home for you
• Close neighbours may be willing to check in on your home daily, to open and close curtains or collect your mail for you
• Arrange for regular deliveries to be put on hold or delivered to a neighbour


• Advertise your holiday plans and activities on social media, making it obvious you're not home
• Leave travel documents or calendars on display that may show a burglar the dates you are away

Heading out for the day?

Even if you're only popping out for a few hours, secure your home just as you would before going on holiday. Ensure you make the following tasks part of your routine whenever you leave home, especially when temperatures are higher:


• Always ensure your burglar alarm system is set 
• Use timer switches to turn on a radio or television - these are simple to use and effective at making your home appear occupied during the day


• Leave windows open to let the breeze in - it can be tempting in the heat but keep them locked so thieves aren't given an easy opening
• Leave a key somewhere it could be easily found - common places include under the doormat or a nearby plant pot

Spending time in the garden?

Burglars need only the slightest temptation to attempt to steal. Even if you're out in your own garden, some areas of your home can still be vulnerable.


• Keep the front door and any windows or doors you can't see locked
• Tidy away garden tools and equipment at the end of the day - these could be used by a burglar
• Cut the grass regularly - this keeps the garden looking maintained and the home lived in


• Keep wallets, jewellery or keys in sight of windows and doors
• Take pictures of high-value items such as bicycles or garden furniture and post them online

Should I look at home security systems?

As well as following the above advice, you may decide to invest in home security systems to enhance the protection of your home. With prevention in mind, many consider this to be a sensible and worthwhile investment. Home security systems such as burglar alarms or CCTV cameras can prevent burglary from happening in the first place, simply as they are deterrents. Furthermore, these electronic systems are designed to capture criminals in the act and raise the alarm. Systems are most effective when monitored 24/7 by an Alarm Receiving Centre - a great way to gain extra peace of mind. If you are interested in installing a home security system:


• Consider installing a burglar alarm system
• Look for professional and established companies who are highly accredited, preferably NSI Gold Approved
• Ask for detailed specifications for the equipment and service being supplied
• Take out a maintenance contract to support the ongoing performance of the system
• Consider alarm monitoring for 24/7 notification and response
• Read reviews and seek recommendations from friends and family


• Take the security of your home for granted - being a victim of burglary is a devastating experience
• Always go for the cheapest option - look carefully at which options fit within your budget and provide the service level you expect
• Hesitate to call Allcooper for free advice and recommendations

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