Smart Security Systems with Allcooper

Home security products, including alarms and CCTV, can now use the internet to monitor activity and stream security images - this is known as smart home security.

Smart home security offers you the ability to control your security systems on the move through a secure connection to your home broadband*. Using an App on your smartphone or tablet, you can connect to your smart home security system to manage your alarm settings and view CCTV images, a little like controlling automated lighting.

The ability to monitor remote security systems in this way is called smart home monitoring (not to be confused with keyholder or Police monitored systems).

Security is getting smarter

Home automation security systems

A smart security system works in a similar way to other newly popular utilities, such as products that allow you to control the heating in your home. Combining products to create the best home automation system for you may seem like a challenge, but with the market growing in popularity, more and more solutions are becoming available.

*The importance of your broadband

As with all internet-based systems, their performance depends heavily on your home broadband connection. It is important to be aware from the outset that if you have poor broadband speed or performance, the ability to access systems via Apps cannot be relied upon. A strong internet connection should always be prioritised before exploring smart systems for your home.

The systems we offer are designed with future flexibility in mind. As and when new smart home protection technology becomes available, we will guide and advise you on the best ways to keep your system up to date.

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