Internet Protocol Security Systems

The introduction of new technology to the security industry has opened up a host of opportunities, mostly thanks to the introduction of IP security systems. IP stands for Internet Protocol - the technical term for the process of sending and receiving information via an internet or a computer network.

An IP security system is connected to your internet router*, which allows it to transfer data such as alarm signals and CCTV images to a secure cloud or external monitoring centre.

More information about IP systems

IP alarm system

An IP alarm system can become a smart alarm system if it is connected to an App via the IP network. This enables you to manage everyday tasks such as setting and un-setting the alarm from your smartphone or tablet.

If your wired or wireless security system is monitored, it can use an IP connection as an alternative to a phone line when sending signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre. IP can be used as a single signalling path or to accompany a phone line / GPRS connection for dual-path monitoring.


Thanks to IP security, the installation of wired and wireless security cameras is now quicker, easier and more cost-effective than ever before. By transferring images over the IP network, a wired or wireless IP surveillance camera can transfer larger, more detailed images in high definition. Operating as an IP security system rather than analogue has opened up a world of enhanced CCTV functionality and accessibility.


As with all internet-based systems, their performance depends heavily on your home broadband connection. It is important to be aware from the outset that if you have poor broadband speed or performance, the ability to access systems via Apps cannot be relied upon. A strong internet connection should always be prioritised before exploring smart systems for your home.

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