Smart Home Technology

Our lifestyles are changing as we adapt to the latest household gadgets, with new innovations bringing many benefits to our day-to day-lives.

You may have already heard of a ‘Home Automation System’ - this describes using technology to help control the way we manage our homes and lifestyles. For example, you might already know it is now possible to control your heating, lighting and even appliances using your smartphone?

Well, security technology is adapting to this new trend. 'Smart security' has become a hot topic within the home security market and manufacturers are now developing products that utilise internet connections and Apps to combine with other systems and devices.

From Smart Home Alarms to viewing your CCTV cameras remotely, there are many ways security can integrate with a home automation system.

smart home security

Security is getting smarter

What is a smart home alarm system?

A Smart Home Alarm is a home security system that can connect to a secure App on your smartphone or tablet.

It works in the same way a typical home alarm system does, but offers you the additional capability of being able to self-manage your alarm on the move. This is what makes it 'smart'.

What are the benefits of a SMART HOME ALARM?

Ever been in a rush to leave home and forgotten to set your alarm? Now, from wherever you are in the world, you can use smart home alarm monitoring to remotely control your system.

As long as your device is connected to WiFi or 3G/4G, you can control your alarm via the App.

Using a Smart App will allow you to...

  • Set, unset or reset your alarm from your smart device
  • Check the status of your alarm
  • Receive notifications of alarm 'events' such as daily activity and any activations
  • View a timeline of past and programmed events in a simple format
  • Access a day-by-day calendar of events for the past two weeks by system status

You can even link CCTV cameras to your system to receive alerts and view footage at set times, such as when the children get home from school.

So, whether you are popping into town, at work and want to check all is OK, or thousands of miles away on holiday, you can stay in control of your Home Alarm System.

What do i need?

To ensure you can benefit from smart home automation, we’ve provided an overview of the typical minimum requirements:

  • Wireless router - This is needed for your system to establish a secure connection to the internet.
  • Broadband connection - Your broadband connection needs to be stable and remain on at all times to ensure this type of technology is effective. If your broadband connection is inconsistent this can impact on performance and may require updating in order for you to enjoy an uninterrupted service.
  • Compatible devices - Such as an iPhone, iPad or similar smartphone or tablet.


There are many new possibilities with home automation systems. However, it’s important to consider its use in line with your individual needs. To ensure there is no compromise when it comes to the protection our home security systems provide, Allcooper thoroughly assess the use of intelligent home systems and home automation security. If we recommend a system, we need to be confident in its stability. At all times we want to ensure everything we do to protect your home is entirely effective.

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