What is a Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

Network video recorders store the recorded footage from your IP cameras. The NVR (sometimes called an IP NVR) is typically connected to a monitor/screen, allowing you to view and play back your CCTV footage at any time. As well as recording camera images to the NVR, you can access the footage from secure cloud-based software, which can be viewed from your smartphone or tablet.

Network video recording can also be done wirelessly, if your system includes a wireless NVR.

An NVR is used to store your CCTV footage

Choosing the best NVR

We understand it can be hard to adapt to using new technology. That’s why we recommend getting professional advice from one of our home security surveyors. They’ll be able to discuss your requirements and recommend a CCTV system and IP NVR best suited to you.


We know it can all get a bit technical! We always try our best to simplify the jargon. Here are some other terms you might stumble across when reading about CCTV recording equipment:

  • POE NVR security system - this means a recorder can be powered using a network cable
  • NVR camera - an IP camera that can be linked to a network recorder
  • NVR CCTV - used to describe CCTV systems that use network recorders to store footage

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