Night vision CCTV helps catch thieves in the dark

The majority of crimes that threaten homes in the UK take place at night. In fact, over half of all domestic burglaries reported in 2016 took place during hours of darkness.

In addition to security lighting, a night vision security camera is an effective way to identify criminals in the dark. Having a CCTV system installed is also a great deterrent and with our range of night vision CCTV cameras, you can be well-equipped to capture high quality footage, even after the sun goes down.

Great quality images after dark

Night vision camera technology

Home surveillance cameras now offer many new features for enhanced home security. One of these features is night vision. Most cameras use infrared (IR) thermal detection to provide clear surveillance footage when there is no natural light available for the camera to use. A night vision camera that uses this type of night vision camera technology can interpret heat generated from people, animals and objects in its line of view, then process that heat to form an image.

You can be notified of activity captured by your night vision camera through monitored CCTV.

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