Our camera systems offer crystal clear images, day and night

You can even stream live footage on the move, viewable on your smartphone or tablet.

Let us introduce you to why installing a home surveillance system is now one of the best investments you can make for the security of your home, in addition to a home alarm system.

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CCTV technology is continually evolving

The evolution of CCTV security systems

Gone are the days of the grainy, hard to decipher images you’d normally associate with CCTV systems. Now, you can access better cameras with better features, all for less money than you may think.


  • Megapixel cameras with full High Definition (HD) image quality
  • Like a night vision camera, infared (IR) technology provides clear images at night and in low-light
  • Network recorder stores months of footage for playback and review
  • Stream live or recorded footage to your smartphone or tablet*
  • Professionally installed and cared for with ongoing maintenance

*Subject to the upload speed of your broadband connection and network availability.

IP CCTV cameras

For homeowners, investing in a CCTV camera system is now a realistic option. This is all thanks to advances in the technology behind how a CCTV system can be connected into the home environment. IP CCTV systems are connected to your internet router**, which allows for larger and better quality images to be transferred to a secure cloud or external monitoring centre.


All the CCTV systems we install are accompanied by an Allcooper Service Contract, which includes annual CCTV servicing to ensure your system continues to perform to the best of its ability. Our engineer will thoroughly test your system and ensure any hidden CCTV camera faults are identified.


Like monitored alarm systems, Choosing to have your cameras monitored means you can rely on a 24-hour Video Receiving Centre to keep an eye on your images for you. If there is any suspicious activity, they will alert you so that immediate action can be taken.


As with all internet-based systems, their performance depends heavily on your home broadband connection. It is important to be aware from the outset that if you have poor broadband speed or performance, the ability to access systems via Apps cannot be relied upon. A strong internet connection should always be prioritised before exploring smart systems for your home.

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