Security Camera Systems for your home

Using the latest technology, our home security cameras provide high definition (HD) images, day and night, so you can continuously keep an eye on activity in and around your home.

All of our CCTV systems are designed to be simple to operate. Using surveillance cameras to protect your property is a growing trend, thanks to product developments which have made home surveillance systems easier to install and significantly more affordable.

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CCTV is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners

Why install a CCTV Camera system?

  • The sight of a home security camera is an instant deterrent to a potential burglar
  • A security camera can capture a thief in the act, enabling the Police to review valuable footage
  • You can now keep an eye on your home from anywhere, thanks to remote access and Apps
  • Not just for security - video surveillance can be used to monitor any daily activity, such as checking on your pets or making sure the children are home from school

Security camera types

There are a variety of home security cameras and systems available depending on your requirements.

The most commonly installed systems are wired, although wireless security cameras are becoming more popular. Wireless cameras offer the advantage of mobility, meaning they can be moved without having to relocate cables. You can also opt for monitored CCTV. This includes a link to our Video Receiving Centre who can keep an eye on your cameras and alert you to any suspicious activity.

Allcooper have installed and maintain hundreds of CCTV systems in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. We have a selection of tried and tested camera systems that differ in features and appearance. Our surveyors can advise you on the best products to suit your individual needs.

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