Battery and mains-operated security lighting

Dark areas around your home can leave you feeling vulnerable. The simple solution is to install outdoor security lights.

Allcooper offer various lighting options to give either permanent illumination during darkness, or lighting whenever movement is detected.

In addition to wired lighting, we also have a range of battery-operated devices for sheds or areas without mains power.

outdoor security lighting

Lighting offers security and convenience

Benefits of outside security lights

Installing security lights offers several benefits, which can help you feel safer in and around your home. They are most effective for security purposes when combined with other deterrents, such as a burglar alarm or CCTV system.

  • Light up key areas around the home for additional visibility and peace of mind
  • An outside security light can be an effective and low-cost deterrent against criminals
  • Wired or wireless options are available to cover any area
  • For convenience, white security light can help make moving around the home at night time easier, such as when letting out your pets or lighting up the doorway when leaving or returning home

Types of outside security lights

  • Security flood lights - exterior flood lights are mains powered, energy efficient and designed to provide extensive illumination of large outside areas such as gardens
  • Outdoor motion sensor lights - are specifically designed to activate when motion is detected
  • Dusk til dawn security light - these outdoor sensor lights are designed to come on automatically after dark, and turn off when the sun comes up
  • Wireless security lights - battery-powered, low energy lights that require no mains electricity. They can be installed anywhere for convenience and as an additional deterrent

If you are interested in outdoor security lights for your home, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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