Exterior home security products

In addition to home security alarms and CCTV, there are many extra ways to improve your protection measures.

We believe the best home security system is one which includes a combination of several security products, working together to provide an all-round solution. Exterior use of security products can greatly increase your level of safety.

Outdoor lighting and garden, garage & shed protection

Home security lighting

External security lights will illuminate dark areas around your home. They can be switched on manually or activated automatically by detecting motion. Not only are exterior security lights a strong deterrent to burglars, they can help you feel safer when leaving or returning home after dark.

Garden security

Simple things such as shutting/locking gates and keeping your outside areas tidy can improve your garden security. A garden that is clearly looked after can give the impression you care about your property and your security. Ensure garden tools are not left lying around as a thief could use these items to assist a break-in attempt. Exterior lighting is also useful here, as it can make it very difficult for thieves to use areas of the garden as cover when it’s dark outside.


Garage security is important, especially if you use it to store vehicles, bicycles, tools or sports equipment. Leaving these valuables unsecured could be costly. We can install devices such as a motion detector, linked to your main house alarm, to quickly alert you to the presence of an intruder.


Parallel to the above, shed security can be made simple with Allcooper. When backed-up by strong door and window locks, your shed can be protected as part of your main alarm system.

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