Wired Burglar Alarms vs Wireless Burglar Alarms

Both wired and wireless house alarms are a sensible investment. Each system protects your home in the same way but there are some differences between how they are installed.

Wireless alarm systems provide effective and reliable security protection for your home. Unlike more traditional wired systems, wireless burglar alarms require minimal cabling. This means a wireless house alarm can be installed without the need to run visible wires throughout the property. Instead, the system components are battery-powered and use strong and reliable two-way radio frequencies to communicate with each other.

Going wireless

Choosing the best wireless home security system for you

The best wireless alarms are installed to address your unique risks. Positioning devices such as the keypad and motion sensors can be slightly more flexible with a wireless house alarm. This is an added benefit when it comes to coverage of complex areas, convenience and working with your interior design.

Why choose Allcooper to install your wireless alarm system?

  • We've fitted and look after hundreds of wireless systems for our customers.
  • We are NSI Gold accredited - the best industry standard your wireless alarm system can meet.
  • We provide a professional yearly Service Contract with benefits and ongoing care for your wireless burglar alarm. This helps ensire it provides you with optimum protection for years to come.

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