Wired Home Security Systems

Wired burglar alarm systems are designed to keep your home secure and prevent thieves from targeting your home. Not only are they a deterrent from the outside, wired home security systems are made up of electronic components that protect your home from the inside, should an intruder attempt to break-in.

The components of a wired alarm system are connected together using alarm cables. These link each individual component to a control panel which controls how the system works. Wired burglar alarm systems are powered directly by your mains electricity and can be connected to your phone line if you would like it monitored.

Did you know we also install wireless alarms?

Wired Vs Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Having a wired home security system was the norm until the introduction of wireless alarm systems. These are equally as effective and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Which is the best security system?

Both types of system protect your home in the same way but there are some differences between wired burglar alarms vs wireless burglar alarms. We can review these with you when you arrange a free, no-obligation security assessment.


  • We've been fitting and looking after wired alarm systems for over 30 years.
  • We are NSI Gold accredited - the best industry standard your wired burglar alarm system can meet.
  • We provide a professional yearly Service Contract with benefits and ongoing care for your wired burglar alarm. This helps ensure it provides you with optimum protection for years to come.

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