Personal Panic Alarms

A personal alarm (often known as a panic alarm or panic button) can be added to your burglar alarm system to allow you to trigger your alarm in the event of emergency.

It works by sending a signal directly to your alarm system upon you physically pressing a button device. The panic alarm itself can be carried on your person or installed permanently at a specific location within your home.

Permanent or Personal


If you wish to install a permanent panic button, this will be connected to your alarm system and should be positioned somewhere within easy reach in the event of sudden distress. The most common areas include the bedroom or kitchen.

If you would like to use the device as a personal alarm, you can keep it with you and trigger your alarm system within a certain range, usually up to a few hundred metres away.


For older homeowners, a personal alarm system can be used as an elderly alarm. This offers an ideal way to summon help via your monitored alarm system, in the event of an accident or emergency situation. Our Alarm Receiving Centre will receive the signal and immediately notify your chosen keyholders.

Please contact us if you would like further information about alarms for the elderly or installing a panic button for the elderly.

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