What is a motion sensor?

Motion detectors are an integral part of your home security system.

Also known as PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors or a movement sensor alarm, these clever devices are designed to detect signs of movement that could be caused by an intruder.

Motion sensors are also known as PIR sensors

How does a movement detector work?

A movement detector can be wired or wireless (depending on the system you have) and is connected to your alarm control panel. Detectors are usually located in the top corner of rooms that have a point of entry. When your alarm is set, if they detect motion, they will trigger the alarm to activate.

A typical home alarm system comprises of at least four detectors, covering key areas such as the hallway, kitchen, lounge and master bedroom. More detectors can be added as necessary to give you sufficient cover. Our advisors will recommend the best areas of your home to protect.

There are different types of motion sensor alarm - some that sense movement based on size, some that detect heat, and some that do both. If you have pets, we can advise on the best way to design a system to accommodate them.

Outdoor motion sensor lights

If you are looking to install external security lights, you can choose to control them manually or to illuminate when they detect movement. A motion security light is great for areas that don’t need to be lit for long periods of time or to light up a space when you approach. Outside sensor lights are great for lighting up doorways, side passages and driveways for your convenience.


We can provide a motion detector alarm to sense movement outside the home too. For example, a motion detector alarm could be installed on your shed, garage or gate. Variations of sensors are available that work with camera systems. These can send you an instant image when motion is detected.

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