Sifting through countless alarm systems reviews looking for the best burglar alarm for you can become a difficult task

We believe finding the best burglar alarm for your needs takes a much more personal approach. Every home is unique - not just in the way it’s built, but in the way we live our lives within it.

We recommend that you always seek professional advice from an accredited home security provider - here at Allcooper, we meet the highly endorsed NSI Gold standard.

That way, you can discuss your concerns, consider areas that need special attention, and trust an advisor to identify the best home alarm systems to meet your needs.

What system is best for me?

Wired vs wireless burglar alarms

Traditional alarms have always been wired throughout your home and powered directly by mains electricity. Each device is connected to the control panel using cables which can be run through trunking, along ceilings or underneath floorboards.

Until recent years, the best house alarms were always wired. However, the development of new technology has seen the introduction of wireless systems to the market. These have become increasingly popular and are now specified by most professional installers. The components of a wireless system communicate using two-way radio frequencies, removing the need for extensive cabling and thus becoming often more cost effective, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Wired vs wireless burglar alarms is a topic we have plenty of experience of. Deciding whether the best burglar alarms are wired or wireless usually depends on your circumstances, but we can provide guidance on this.

Alarm systems reviews

Reading alarm systems reviews can give you an idea of the most well-known brands, however manufacturers of domestic alarm systems vary in size, reputation and reliability. We choose to work with a select group of manufacturers who we have built long-lasting relationships with. This means we are able to keep up to date with the best home alarms, new innovations and provide our customers with relevant warranties and technical support.

We advise against DIY systems. They are only really suitable as a short-term solution and over time, you won’t be able to benefit from crucial ongoing maintenance and support. The best house alarm is one installed by a professional security company with NSI Gold accreditation.

If you are interested in a home alarm system for your home, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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