Why do I need security alarm maintenance?

Intruder alarm maintenance is crucial in ensuring your system’s continual integrity and reliability. Without regular intruder alarm maintenance, over time, components may begin to fail, potentially causing false alarms and leaving areas of your home unprotected. With regular maintenance, our engineers will visit you annually, to thoroughly check and test each component to prevent an issue from occurring.

A well-maintained burglar alarm offers a high level of protection and is favoured by home insurance companies, many of whom offer lower premiums as well covering you in the event of an incident.

Maintenance and care for your systems

Your Allcooper service contact

Every system we install is accompanied by an Allcooper Service Contract. This contract gives you the peace of mind of knowing your alarm system will do its job to protect and deter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Do I have to have a Service Contract?

With Allcooper, yes. Our policy is that every system we sell is accompanied by a Service Contract.

CCTV Maintenance

If you have a home CCTV system installed by Allcooper, you will also be entitled to regular CCTV maintenance and CCTV servicing as part of your specific CCTV Service Contract.

Contract benefits

  • An annual burglar alarm maintenance visit(s) by a fully qualified Allcooper engineer, who will maintain your alarm and replace any parts to maximise its performance over the next year (parts and consumables will be charged in line with your contract terms, monitored alarm systems require two visits per year).
  • A 4-hour response with priority over non-contracted customers (intruder alarm systems).
  • Preferential call-out rates for our engineers (in line with your contract terms).
  • Access to remote technical support.
  • Notification of when your next burglar alarm maintenance visit is due.
  • A history of your system will be stored and available to you.
  • A record of regular burglar alarm maintenance in the event of an insurance claim.
  • Continuing advice from our teams about ways to safeguard your home.

Spreading the cost with Direct Debit

Our Service Contracts are payable by Direct Debit, allowing you to spread the annual cost over 12 equal monthly payments. Direct Debit is the easiest, most secure and hassle-free form of payment. Your contract will renew automatically each year, ensuring you’re always covered and entitled to the benefits above.

In addition to house alarm maintenance, we also offer burglar alarm servicing for businesses. Click here for more security alarm services, including system monitoring.

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