Allcooper Home Alarm Systems for effective burglary prevention

Alarm systems are designed to keep your home secure and protected from the threat of burglary.

A professionally installed and well-maintained and energy-efficient Burglar Alarm from Allcooper sends a clear message to potential thieves - we take our security seriously.

Whether you’re asleep in bed, on holiday or simply popping to the shops, your alarm provides you with the peace of mind that your home is protected.

We provide the option of choosing a wired or wireless system, depending on your preference, budget and individual requirements.

We are proud to keep thousands of homes secure. Scroll down for more details about how our systems protect your property using the latest technology.

Home Alarm System
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We're proud to protect thousands of homes with our systems

High-Tech Home Protection

With Allcooper, you'll receive a reliable, wireless or wired Alarm System that you can depend on, thanks to its intelligent way of working.

Our Home Alarm Systems are simple to operate and include all the components needed to prevent your home from becoming a target for burglars.

How do Alarms Work?

Your Home Alarm is made up of a range of devices, all connected to a control panel. This is what we call "the brains of the system" and is usually installed somewhere out of sight, such as under the stairs or in the attic.

Devices such as the Bell-Box, Motion Sensors and Door Contacts are connected to the Control Panel either wirelessly or wired via alarm cables.

What happens when they 'go off'?

Audible-Only System
If triggered, Burglar Alarms that are ‘audible-only’ simply sound an audible alarm. If you aren't at home, it means you are entirely reliant on a neighbour or passer-by calling the Police.

Monitored System
Adding Home Alarm Monitoring to your system guarantees a response from an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The ARC will monitor your system 24/7 and notify you immediarely if your alarm is triggered when you're not there.

The ARC can also call persons nominated by you (keyholders) and the Police. if you specifically require Police Response).

Monitoring is optional, but entirely worthwhile when it comes to your peace of mind.

Read more about monitoring options

Smarter, Wireless Systems

Traditionally, each sensor in a Wireless Alarm System sends signals directly to the Control Panel (the brains of the system).

So, if there is any issue with the signal from a sensor, it can cause missed activations and problems with reliability.

In our recommended systems, the signal ‘hops’ from one sensor to the next until it reaches the Control Panel. It means, if the signal between two devices drops out for any reason, it will automatically re-route via another sensor to ensure signals are consistently received.

Are they simple to use?

Yes - setting and unsetting the system is simple and can be done in a variety of ways. The traditional method is done by entering a code into a Keypad to set and unset the system, however our alarms can also be controlled using Key Tags and Keyfobs, in a similar way to how you might lock and unlock your car.

Controlling your system via an App

Our user-friendly App gives you remote control of your alarm system, wherever you may be.

Forgotten to set your alarm? Using the App, you are able to check the status of you system and remotely set the system, saving you time and hassle.

The App also delivers push-notifications and features an 'at a glance' timeline, showing past and programmed events in a simple format.

How much does an Alarm cost?

Every home is unique, and therefore the total cost of an installation is dependent on the size of your property, level of protection recommended and any specific preferences you may have.

In our experience, a basic, audible-only Allcooper Alarm System starts from approximately £650.00 including VAT.

The best way to determine how much a professional system will cost is to arrange a visit and quotation from one of our experienced Home Security Advisors. This service is free of charge, and our quotations are no-obligation.

It is also worth considering that there are many ways you can expand on a home alarm for more comprehensive home security. Take a look at our CCTV, Outdoor Lighting and Fire Detection products.

Ready to protect your home?


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Clever Features

Every element of our system has been carefully designed to perform excellently in any home. The features and functions have been fine-tuned for enhanced burglary deterrence, more accuracy in detecting genuine intruders, and virtual elimination of false alarms.


The only external components of house alarms are Bell-Boxes (or Sirens). These are what sound in the event of an activation. They are installed on the outside of the house to warn potential criminals that your property is protected by an alarm.


The Bell-Boxes we use are branded with the Allcooper logo to show they are well-maintained, professional systems. Unbranded or tatty Bell-Boxes can give the impression a system is not fit for purpose. It's therefore very important to keep these looking sharp.

LED lights

Wired Bell-Boxes feature alternating LED lights to indicate that the system is live and working to protect your home. These also 'strobe' in the event the alarm system is triggered. Due to the fact wireless Bell-Boxes are battery-powered, they will instead flash intermittently.

If you choose a wired Bell-Box, we can provide you with the option for it to illuminate at night. Bell-Boxes that illuminate at night time are designed to provide a highly-visual, extra deterrent after dark.


Your Keypad is used to set and unset the alarm. It features a small and slim design, to minimise the impact on your decor. It's also equipped with a clear LCD display panel and easy-to-follow instructions.

Proximity Tags & Keyfobs

As alternatives to pressing in a code, these devices can be used to operate the alarm system.

Proximity Tags
Simply hold up to the keypad to set and unset the system, removing the need to remember a code.

Handheld fobs featuring buttons to set, unset and part-set the alarm from outside your house. Colour-coded lights show the status of the alarm, whilst a built-in Panic Alarm can be triggered in case of personal attack. Our Keyfobs can be also be programmed to control a garage door, External Security Lights or Automatic Gates.


Movement Detectors (also known and PIRs - Passive Infrared Sensors) are installed to detect movement and body heat. They are compact, energy-efficient and sophisticated. Sensors are typically fixed to the corner of rooms where there are potential access points. Upon detecting signs of an intruder, they send a signal to tell the alarm to activate.

Panic Alarm

Panic Alarms can be added to your system for you to trigger the alarm system in an emergency situation - for example, knowing an intruder has broken into your property. For quick and discreet access, they are usually installed in rooms such as the bedroom.

Fire & Gas Detection

Smoke and Gas Detectors are life-saving devices that can be added to your alarm system.

Smoke Detectors
Highly-sensitive and compliant, Smoke Detectors use the latest technology to ensure earliest discovery of smoke and changes in heat, that indicate the presence of a fire. They can be pre-configured to communicate with your alarm, to trigger the system if signs of a fire are detected.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon Monoxide can be a silent killer within the home. These detectors have a 10-year lifespan and feature a built-in audible sounder to indicate the presence of harmful gas.

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