Leak Detection Solutions

Hazardous gas is a serious and genuine risk to you and your family. Without putting measures in place, invisible threats such as carbon monoxide leaks can go undetected.

Thankfully, gas leak detection through a gas detector alarm is available to monitor dangerous levels of poisonous gases in the home.

Gas leaks are an invisible threat

Gas leak detector

Installing a home gas detector will ensure you are the first to know about any type of leak. A gas leak detector works by continually sampling the air in your home for traces of poisonous gases. In the event gas is detected, the detector will sound a gas leak alarm to make you immediately aware, allowing you to leave your home immediately and seek help. The gas detector alarm is audible, but can also be linked to monitoring services if connected to a burglar alarm system. This will ensure you are notified even when you are not at home.

Carbon Monoxide detectors (CO Detector)

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which can be fatal if exposed to high levels. A Carbon Monoxide detector (or CO detector) will detect and alert you to the presence of Carbon Monoxide within the home, most commonly caused by a leak from a poorly maintained household gas appliance. It’s therefore very important to ensure your boiler is well-maintained. There are more types of gas leakage detector available, including a gas detector alarm which can monitor other, but not so common harmful gases such as Methane and Butane.


Every home needs a water supply. We rely on our water system every day, for drinking, cleaning, washing and more. Unfortunately, water leaks are common and can be extremely costly and inconvenient. We offer water leak detectors that can detect and prevent potential flooding in the home, often caused by frozen and burst pipes.

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