Battery-operated smoke detectors

Wireless smoke detectors offer you the same high level of protection provided by wired devices. 

Although they look and work the same, they can be a more convenient option for homeowners. This is because they are powered by batteries, which means there’s no extensive cabling or the requirement to be linked to your mains electricity. However, batteries will need to be replaced as part of their ongoing maintenance.

No wires required

The simple way to a wireless fire alarm system

Fire detection goes hand in hand with your home security. If you have a wireless burglar alarm system, we can integrate wireless smoke alarms and heat detection to create an equally effective wireless fire alarm system for your home. Our home security advisors can recommend the best smoke alarms and heat detectors to work with your alarm system.


Instead of being connected together with wires, wireless smoke alarms use radio frequencies to communicate with an alarm control panel and one another. When linked to a home alarm system, each smoke detector represents a ‘zone’. If a fire is detected by a wireless smoke detector, it will cause the alarm system to activate. Click here more information on the types of smoke alarm available.

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