Fire Detection Systems for your home

Fire and poisonous gas is a serious risk to your family. Any home without effective, functioning fire protection systems is a potential tragedy we wish to ensure is avoided.

Our range of fire detection systems can keep you safe from the serious risks of fire. They are designed to detect the signs of a fire as quickly as possible. We can supply and install a range of devices for fire detection which together can form a great value home fire alarm system. Our recommended approach is to connect fire detectors to your burglar alarm system to alert you to smoke, heat or a hazardous gas leak at the earliest opportunity.

fire detection system

Fire can kill - but we can help keep your home safe

fire detection system

Devices for detecting fire and gas

There are several types of fire detector and sensing devices that can offer you reliable a method of detection.

  • Smoke sensor - this fire detector senses for signs of smoke, indicating the early stages of a fire
  • Heat detector - this device senses for sudden rises in temperature which could be caused by a fire starting
  • Carbon monoxide detector - just like fire detection, this device senses for any sign of dangerous carbon monoxide gas that may be caused by a leak - a must in any home

If you are interested in a fire detection system for your home, please contact us to arrange your free-of-charge surveyor visit.

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