Home Alarm Systems for Effective Burglary Prevention

Being a victim of burglary is a distressing experience for any homeowner. As well as the loss of valuable items and property damage, the emotional effects of a home invasion can be long-lasting. 78%* of homeowners who suffered a break-in during 2015-2016 said they were emotionally affected.

Investing in home security is recommended as the most effective measure for preventing burglary. There are a variety of systems and products available for burglary prevention which are designed to safeguard your property. We understand the importance of peace of mind and specialise in providing advice and systems to protect your home wherever you are.

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*Source: Office of National Statistics - Crime in England and Wales: year ending March 2016

Our systems are designed to beat the burglar

Burglar deterrents

Burglar alarms, especially those linked to a home monitoring system, offer an excellent level of protection. Not only are they reliable and easy to use, they are a genuine burglar deterrent. A home that is clearly alarmed can prevent a break-in from being attempted in the first place.

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The power of the bell-box

Never underestimate the power of the alarm’s external bell-box (or siren). Our bell-boxes are branded to show they are professionally maintained and have alternating LED lights to indicate that the system is active. We also offer bell-boxes that illuminate at night time - an additional way of showing your home is secure. Remember to check its condition as keeping your bell-box updated will help keep burglars away.


As well as home alarm systems, there are many other deterrents available to help prevent burglary. Home CCTV is growing in popularity as a burglar deterrent due to the availability of new technology, which is making it more cost-effective for family budgets. Of course, if a thief was to attempt a break-in, images captured on CCTV can be used by the Police.

Another deterrent is security lighting, which can be deployed around the home to illuminate dark areas where a burglar could take cover.

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