Smart Water Technology

SmartWater is an anti-theft system used for property marking and burglary prevention.

Smart Water security is known worldwide to be an effective criminal deterrent, deployed in homes, businesses and used extensively by the Police to recover stolen items.

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How SmartWater works

Smart water security involves applying traceable liquids to your valuables, in order for them to be identified as yours in the unfortunate event they are stolen:

  • The traceable liquids carry forensic codes which are registered to your address or location
  • Every traceable liquid deployed carries a unique code. If your valuables are recovered by the Police, the code will confirm your proof of ownership
  • The liquids are visible only in UV light and once applied, they are almost impossible to remove
  • Stickers and warnings can be placed at your home to warn off thieves

The SmartWater forensic coding system is used extensively in the UK and worldwide. It is a well-known deterrent for criminals.

As part of a home security assessment, Allcooper can offer advice on using traceable SmartWater as an anti-theft system to protect your property.

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