Helping you protect your home as the nights draw in

It's here. We've reached that time of year when the sun sets a few minutes earlier each day and night falls before you've arrived home from work. As well as signalling the end of summer, the nights drawing in exposes homeowners to an increased risk of being targeted by burglars, simply due to the longer hours of darkness.

To help you prepare for darker nights,  we're offering a special discount when you choose Allcooper to install your new home security system.

For a limited time only, you can save 20% off a new Intruder Alarm, CCTV System or Security Lighting installation. We'll also give you a FREE 24-Hour Timer Switch when you book your free survey visit.


Why do burglars prefer the dark?

At this time of year, thieves are able to operate more covertly using the cover of darkness to their advantage. It's also much easier for them to identify homes that are unoccupied. This is where your home could become vulnerable - especially if it appears unoccupied from the outside or is not protected by a home security system.

*Statistics shown on this page are sourced from the Office for National Statistics.

When do the clocks go back in 2019?

Darker nights will be significantly more noticeable once the clocks change from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This year, the clocks will be going back by one hour on Sunday 27 October at 02:00.

How do I secure my home from thieves?

As the nights draw in for autumn and winter, there's no better time to improve the security of your home. There are several ways to do this but the most common is to invest in Home Security Systems. These electronic systems are designed to help deter and detect burglars who may be on the lookout for their next target. The most popular systems include Home Alarms, Security Cameras and Security Lights.

What else can I do to prevent a burglary?

In addition to making best use of home security systems, just doing the simple things can make a huge difference to your overall security. 

For example, leaving a light on when popping out for the evening can create the Illusion that someone is at home. An unoccupied home with no sign of life gives the opposite impression.

If you were a burglar, what would you think if you saw the property below?

What home security systems do Allcooper provide?

Here at Allcooper, we've been protecting homes in and around Gloucestershire for over 32 years. We've installed thousands of systems into homes of all shapes and sizes, and are proud to look after these systems on an ongoing basis for our customers.

Home Alarms

Choose from a wireless or wired installation. Our basic Home Alarm Systems include a Control Panel, Keypad, PIR Detectors, Door Contact,  External Sounders and the option of a Mobile App. Every home is different, so one of our experienced Surveyors will be able to recommend the best combination of devices for you. 

Home CCTV Systems

Watch over your home 24/7 with a Home CCTV System. Our security cameras deliver professional standard High Definition image quality, day and night. Your surveillance footage will be stored on a recorder for viewing and playback - and you can even view your cameras from a Mobile App.

Security Lighting

Illuminate dark areas around your home with a reliable Security Lighting System. Our LED lights are environmentally-friendly and built-to-last. They can be triggered by motion or operated manually. Installing lighting helps to ensure potential burglars have nowhere to hide.

See below to find out how you can save 20% off one of the above systems


20% off new home security system installations + FREE 24-Hr Timer Switch

To claim this special offer, please contact us to book a survey visit and quotation.


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Terms & Conditions

This offer is valid until 31.12.19 only. Subject to survey and property location. 20% discount applies only to the installation value. All new installations are accompanied by a minimum 12-month Service Contract. The timer switch is a ‘freebie’ and is not covered by a warranty. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Allcoopers Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


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24-Hour Timer Switch

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