We are committed to delivering quality for our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. The business has always believed in using the leading technology to ensure the best quality service is provided. We are proud to hold many recognised accreditations for quality management, Health and Safety and competence.

We take our responsibilities seriously


Allcooper have adopted some of the very best policies and practices for business. The owners of Allcooper have protected the firm by creating a Shareholder Agreement and a Family Charter, which outlines how the business responds to the needs of the wider family and the future of Allcooper, in terms of ownership, management and employment. Allcooper believe it takes an enlightened view of this subject and in doing so protects its owners, employees, suppliers and customers.


Wherever possible, we aim to develop long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationships with our suppliers and partners. This includes partnerships with industry associations, manufacturers, distributors, vehicle providers, printers, educational partners and more.


Community & Charity Support

We strive to positively support the many communities that surround our business and operations. This includes consultation with neighbours, sponsorship of local events, using local amenities, venues, suppliers and providing work experience opportunities. As well as providing our services, we are always happy to give our advice on local issues, schemes and developments.

Allcooper recognise our responsibility to contribute to charitable causes. Our strategy is to help charities where protection is part of their goal. There are tremendous opportunities to build trust and pride within the company by participating in and supporting charitable works and organisations. As a company we support various charities, local and national, through internal fundraising activities - be it cake sales, running marathons (well done, Gerard!), donating raffle prizes or funds in support of the Pied Piper Appeal, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Macmillan Coffee Morning and many more.


As a business grows, it is forced to confront and change many of the systems and processes it has created over the years. The environment and global warming has become a primary concern, and each company has to adapt to this new reality. At Allcooper, we are taking measured steps, to ensure that we adopt best practice to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our environmental policy outlines the firm expectations we have of our staff to minimise the business’s impact on the environment.


The security industry is varied and vibrant. It is growing in size year-on-year, due to continual advances in technology and increased demand. We’re proud to be part of the security industry, and to provide services that protect people, property and assets against the threats of crime and disaster. We want to positively contribute to the future of our industry, and do this by continually investing in our people, service delivery and encouraging new talent through our apprenticeship scheme.


Roman Cooper holds this subject close to his heart. As one of the very first cohort to study the subject of Families in Business within an MBA course, he has become intensely aware of the impact both positive and negative, that a business can have on a family. He is widely read on this subject, with his specialist subject being Management Development within family firms. He brings 30 years of personal experience to this subject, both good and bad. His aim is to ensure that the family experience of working together is a positive one for other family businesses, by adopting a parallel approach to both family and business.

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